Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A reminder about comments

Just in case you weren't aware of the problems I'm having with comments, I wanted to post a little reminder.

I'm currently unable to post comments on my own blog. I can post comments on other Blogger blogs just fine, but for some reason it won't let me post on mine! I've heard some other people on Blogger are having this problem.

Maybe one of you knows how to fix it? Here's what's happening. When I click 'post comment' the page reloads and my comment disappears without posting. Upon further inspection, it seems that it doesn't register me as being logged in- it says 'select account' and even if I select Google, nothing happens. When I comment on other Blogger blogs that require me to log in, my name shows up in the drop-down menu and I have no problems posting comments at all. Just... only on my own blog?

I'm not going to turn off the registered comments thing because I'm really sick to death of deleting hundreds of weird adult video comments written in Chinese or nonsensical comments telling me to buy real estate in Puerto Rico or demanding me to "BUY CHEEAAP VIGARA CILIAS LEVTIRA ONL1NE" every day. I'm sure that would fix the problem, but it's just so nice not having to weed through all that spam.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is if you have a question, you should try me on Twitter. Until I can figure out how to fix the comment problem I can only answer through Twitter or email (and my email inbox is a disaster and I have months and months worth of unanswered messages and I feel horrible about it but if it's something I know the answer to immediately I can usually respond in a timely fashion).

Sorry about that... I don't know why it's happening and it's really getting on my nerves!

(And I know the picture has absolutely nothing to do with any of this but it's really hot and I like looking at it. )


  1. I have had that problem a couple of times, as well. But they were isolated incidents and it hasn't happened in a long time. I just assumed it was a temporary glitch. I hope that someone can help you solve the problem.

    While I am not nutzo about the word verification thing, I fully understand when someone needs to use it. If I were getting bombarded they way you do, I would use it, too.

    Don't worry about responding to this, I just wanted to commiserate. :)

  2. I haven't had this issue, but I am new to blogger. No need to respond to my comment, as well. :)

    The picture is hot...I want to hug him, but then I need to feed him a sandwich. :) I like my guys with a curvier backside, lol!

  3. I just wanted to share that I got a huge laugh out of "BUY CHEAP VI4GRA C1ALIS LEVTIRA ONL1NE" - I don't have a blog but I get *buttloads* of emails about that every day... I think because I'm a pharmacist and so my email address is connected to websites and magazines about "drugs"... :P

  4. Breaking out of lurkdom to say....Though not ideal, as an interim measure how about if you create a new account (~Scrangie~ or similar) in order to respond to comments here which would help keep things in context instead of going off-site to respond??

    Hope this gets sorted for you shortly, and whilst I'm here posting LOL, thanks so much for such an enjoyable and informative blog. Its a go-to reference site for me =)

  5. That pic is totally hot. Too bad you can't reply because I would love to know who it is. ;-)

    Keep up the great work. I love your blog!

  6. That's really annoying! Hopefully they'll get that fixed soon! I had a request... If you have time, I was wondering if you could do a comparison between RBL Locavore and OPI Glow Up Already. A lot of the swatches look similar to me but everyone has said they are not dupes so I would love to see them side by side to see what the big differences between the two are. I love Glow Up Already! but I've really been lemming Locavore and now of course it's gone!

  7. Lurk lurk lurk... I should probably add my two cents.
    I had a similarly annoying/frustrating comment issue with blogger as well, but a year ago or so.

    The problem had to do with 'widgets'. Could be that you'll have to redo your widgets.

    I redid all mine and trashed the ones that weren't really necessary. Seemed to clear up the issue.


  8. Blogger has been acting weird lately.

    I often wonder who do we contact when we have blog issues?

    I hope its fixed for you soon :)

  9. I have comment moderation on my blog and I still get those Chinese character messages with the links to porn embedded in a long string of periods. Whoever sends those messages doesn't give up easily.

  10. I had this problem. I couldn't reply to comments on my own blog either.

    If you're using Firefox, make sure you have third party cookies enabled.
    Tools > Options > Privacy > Accept Third Party cookies box > Until they expire

    I wasn't pleased about having to accept all third party cookies, but ... it did fix the problem for me.

    Good luck!

  11. I had similar problems posting on my blog and this is how I fixed it. I simply logged in my account in Internet Explorer, instead of Mozila Firefox and commented in IE too :)

    Hope it will work for you ;)

  12. I can offer no technical assistance, but wanted to say kudos for the Olli pic.

  13. ^^^ Oh duh. I totally should have realized who this was, especially from some of your previous blogs. Thanks makeuporshutup!


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