Friday, November 19, 2010

My Vacation Mani - Nail Bliss Chrome Metallic Nails

I can't wait to show you these... I *just* finished editing the pictures. They're soooo cooooooool!!!

So, I was in Sally renewing my beauty club card and also checking to see if there were any new releases when I spotted these in the far corner of the store. You know the one, with all the nail tips and fake fingers and disembodied featureless heads? Where no one ever looks? Yeah! These were there. They came in three or four styles, the display was a bit of a mess so it was hard to tell how many there were.

There was a zebra print like the Broadway metallic nails (which I plan on reviewing, I just haven't worn them yet), what seemed to be a lighter silver chrome, and the ones I picked, a darker purple-toned chrome:

Super shiny... Nail Bliss Metallic Press-On Nails, style number seems to be 158800- no other identifying markings?

And then these, which I haven't worn, but holy crap, look at them:

They are beveled... textured... what do you call this style? I know there's a name for it but I can't remember what. They do it to metal jewelry to make it more shiny or something like that.

Another angle to show you that they are actually three-dimensional:

So crazy.

Each set comes with 24 nails- not enough, really. Mostly large thumbnail/toenail sized nails and very few small enough for my hands. One thing to note- these do not come with glue. They come with adhesive tabs and if you want to wear these for more than a few hours you'll need to supply your own glue. I used a bottle of Revlon NailStay nail glue I had floating around in my junk drawer.

You apply them as you would any press-on nail and this is what you end up with:

Dude. How freakin' amazing are these?! I can't get over how much I love them. Though, I did find them a little too flash at that length so I filed them down to match my natural nails:

I got a bit of glue on the pinkie and I scratched the other slightly while filing... oops. You can see some of the downsides of these nails in this picture. One, they're thick. Two, they're so flat they don't conform to the shape of your nail bed leaving you with a gap at the fingertip where dirt and bacteria can get trapped. And three, the shiny surface isn't that durable. You can see that they look a little wide and flat and not quite real compared to my natural nails.

Some more shots of post-filing metallic nails:

Flash brings out the darker base color of these chrome nails. It's not a pure light silver, it looks a bit like marcasite.

I wore them for five days. Truthfully, I couldn't stand having them on my fingers after the first two hours, but they looked so amazing I didn't want to take them off for a month! Fake nails feel weird. They're too blunt, you can't scratch with them.

This is with five days of wear. Note the index finger- a stripe of the chrome finish has worn off entirely! Partially due to a filing accident, partially because of wear. There's a bit of tipwear and quite a few scratches. They still looked good enough at arm's length for me to keep them on, but I just had to take them off! Despite the package claims they are NOT thin and flexible or best fitting, but damn, do they ever look cool.

Here's my evaluation:

  • PRO:
  • Cheap - $6 a box
  • Easy application- can be done at home in 10 minutes
  • Your nails become mirrors. Finish can't be achieved with polish
  • No chipping
  • Available locally, don't need to order online
  • Gives you the Minx look without visiting a salon or paying a professional to apply
  • Can be painted over without damaging the finish
  • Comes in a length long enough for my nail beds- most press-ons are too short
  • SHINY!!

  • CON:
  • Doesn't come with glue
  • Shiny mirror surface is easily damaged
  • Feels funny, can't scratch
  • Not enough small sizes
  • Slightly unnatural shape and curvature- very flat and wide
  • Surface must be filed off for removal
Removal is easy if you get one of those scrubby-bristle acetone jars from Target. One thing to note- the chrome won't dissolve. You have to file off the shininess to remove the nails.

Anyone who has been wanting to try Minx but can't find a salon who does it may be interested in trying these. A lot less expensive and you can do it at home.

I'd totally wear these again. I loved them so much I think I could wear them for the rest of my life and not get tired of it. The mirror finish is just SO AMAZING. I couldn't stop looking at my hands. Neither could anyone else- everyone who saw my nails commented in amazement. If you're looking for compliments, these will do the trick. Seriously, I was so infatuated with these that I was thinking of ways to have metal permanently fused to my nails.


  1. Those are awesome! and the textured ones???? ::::dies:::: I must have these!!!

  2. Whoa, it looks freakin' amazing!

  3. It's amazing, but I bet I would be too distracted by my nails to do anything.

  4. I very like the effect they do!
    But I guess I'm not enough "skilled"to be able to put them so perfectly..not no mention I'm almost sure I can't find them in Italy!

  5. faceted nails!!! awesome!

    They look like some tiny faceted Pyrite rondelle beads I've been using in my jewelry, love them :)

  6. Those look INSANELY cool! Too bad there are no Sally's in my country... *sobs* :(

  7. thats pretty cool :) too bad about the wear and fitting/size. I can't wait to see how the other pair looks!

  8. Woah. Those are crazy looking..I can't decide if I like them or not, but you make them look super cool!

  9. Before I was able to grow my nails I always wore nails like these, I loved them! I would buy the white ones that you paint yourself stick them on chopsticks and go crazy on the designs since I could let them out to dry for as long as I wanted before gluing them on. I miss wearing plastic nails.

  10. "They are beveled... textured... what do you call this style?"


  11. I saw these at my sally's last night. Did you see the ones with the etched like designs? I thought those were cute.

  12. Those look great! And the ones with the texture...jawdropping!!! Can't wait to see your review of those.

    I'm so envyous of all the amazing nail-stuff you have in America, Holland is way behind in that area.

  13. It looks great! To bad of the scratches.

  14. Holy crap, the textured ones are freaking amazing!

  15. Those look really awesome! Can't wait to see the other set (^-^*)

  16. So sci-fi looking! Love them. I don't know if I could stand them on me. Can't wait to see the faceted nails. Plus you can paint over them! Wow!

  17. Cool! I want to see the faceted nails. They look awesome.

  18. LOVE. Love. Totally getting some of these next trip to Sally's and gonna wear them on a regular day to work and see if anyone notices. If nothing else it'll sure make my day brighter!

    Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  19. Oh, had to add that the BF just walked by and saw these up on my screen and agrees that they are awesomesauce and that I need to buy some asap. :D

  20. So you left them on for five days,with the self adhesive tabs? I didn't know the self-adhesive tabs could last that long, or did you use your own glue instead? I want to try them!

  21. OMG those look totally awesome! Its like I said (somewhere I don't remember where) its like having a mirror at your fingertips! ;) lol
    I think the textured ones called diamond cut? But I could be wrong.

  22. OMG. Those nails are so AMAZING. I am totally going to look for these next time I'm at Sally's. blah, I fail so much at applying fake nails though...

  23. These are fabulous! :)) The only thing I don't like is the removal.

  24. This articles makes me wonder if you've ever tried nail-foils (for info, go to that shop for example They can give the same results but no fake nails. From what I've read, they're a bit tricky to apply, but the result is amazing

  25. So... I'm not the only one who's tried to think of a way to fuse metal to my nails :)

    I saw these at sally's too, I absolutely hate wearing fake nails, but I'm definitely gonna have to go get them anyway.

    1. Mila! Scrangie! It IS possible to have metal on ur own nails. I worked for a bank & u def notice ppl's hands. There was a lil old lady who had 24k gold nails! & I loved it! She always wore these dainty gloves & would take them off once she got to the teller counter. So, FYI- I🎉T IS POSSIBLE!🎉

  26. When it comes to jewelry, that faceting is called 'checkerboard faceting.' These are awesome!

  27. I saw a lady at the mall with those on and she said she loved them and that they stay very well! and the look really cool!!

  28. Ooh, awesome! So much cheaper than Minx and it seems like they would last longer, too!

  29. OMG I have on these nails right now. I used a different brand though. I used Broadway Nails, which has a curve in the nail so it would solve one of your cons at least. I never use glue on nails either, but I had to get these and now I can't bring myself to take them off. I've gotten so many compliments on these it's insane. I do wanna try Minx, but I don't want to pay for it. You can see the nail set I used on my blog if you're interested. It’s the second most recent.

  30. I m looking for a nails polish colour like this, can someone please tell me where I can get it?

  31. Hello I need a nails polish with this colour can someone please tell me where can I get it from. Thanks

  32. I m looking for a nails polish colour like this, can someone please tell me where I can get it?

  33. I m looking for a nails polish colour like this, can someone please tell me where I can get it?


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