Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red Creme Spam

I'm actually really liking red cremes lately. I know... where is Scrangie and what have I done with her? So why not have some red creme spam?

Maybelline Express Finish Speedy Hot Tamale

Essie Pama

Chanel Lotus Rouge

MAC Kid Orange (okay... it's orange, but it's reddish orange!)

Maybelline Wet Shine Cherry Rain

Essie Red Nouveau

Misa Single and Ready To Limbo

Zoya America

Rescue beauty Lounge Killa Red (with bubbles and decal)

BB Couture Poppy Passion

Um... so now I've just realized that I don't have any more pictures of red cremes that I haven't already posted!



  1. I go through this exact thing about once every 2 months. All I want to wear is red. BRIGHT RED! GIVE ME THE REDDDDD!!! Then I go back to normal. LOL. Also, Misa single and ready to limbo was an instant favorite for me!

  2. Ooh Red Nouveau has really caught my eye!

  3. Hmm.. Red creme spam! I like it. I just got into red cremes myself so this helps.. My favorite at the moment is Misa Cherry Glazed, which isn't a straight red creme, but is a bit darker with hints of berry.. But o so pretty and it wears like iron (8 days now and no chips!)

  4. I have to admit, I love those bright reds.
    I am digging L'oreal Caught Red Handed and Essie Love BH XXX, they are both shimmers and cousins and in the sun they are like I've got LEDs on my fingertips.

  5. Lovely! I do the same thing with reds...ignore them for months, then I want a sexy red creme. :)

    Is it just me, or is the Chanel the least impressive of the bunch? It looks lifeless compared to the others...makes me glad I don't crave Chanel. :)

  6. You know, I think every now and then, I just NEED a red polish, there's something fun about them! Before I could wear polish, I'd buy a bottle now and then, hoping it would stick on my fingers, and honestly, every single bottle I bought was red.

    Now that I can wear polish, I have all sorts, but I still go back to red sometimes, just because it grabs me! Those reds you've posted are so pretty... maybe not uber-unique, but still pretty!

  7. You can borrow some of mine. I have 1 full shelf of reds.
    They all look gorgeous on you!

  8. I know what you mean, man! I am wearing a red creme RIGHT NOW! Been really getting into cremes lately. Weirdness.

  9. I hear ya! For many years, I didn't care for red nail polish and then decided what the heck? I'll wear it a few times. Maybe it's because I haven't worn it since maybe high school, but I was really digging the red.

    And my co-worker is going to have a heart attack. Haha! I recently got her more interested in nail polish (and also your blog). She's on a serious red kick lately, too. Am I a bad influence? Are you? Hahahaha!

  10. So funny you'd post about red cremes today!

    I've seen a few bloggers wearing red shades this week, including myself!

    I love blood red shades the most :)

  11. I don't wear reds often enough. When I wear one I think why don't I wear them more often. Reds are so sexy and vampy. Then they turn around and are just so classic looking. Love the red spam. I actually love the two Essie's the most. Thanks for all the beauty.

  12. wish you had posted a pic of vodka & caviar. never seen that one on you and i know it's one of your faves!

  13. I am so pale its really hard to wear red without it making my hands looks weird but I really REALLY like the look of BB Couture Poppy Passion its a cool orangy red that I now really want to get my hands on:D

  14. The Chanel looks as if it isn't just a creme. That's the one I like.

  15. I cannot find that first Maybelline polish ANYWHERE! >:o

  16. I adore red cremes, well, red-orange cremes, really. Thanks for posting this. My current favorite is Essie Capri, a lovely orange red, similar to the BBC Poppy Passion (which I now have to get my hands on).

  17. I adore red cremes, well, red-orange cremes, really. Thanks for posting this. My current favorite is Essie Capri, a lovely orange red, similar to the BBC Poppy Passion (which I now have to get my hands on).

  18. I have Red Nouveau and it's a dream! The formula is divine and the colour looks good on all kinds of skin tones. I'm buying a second bottle of this for sure.


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