Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eyeko Fall 2009 and Spring 2010

I know, again I'm way behind on these. For the 2009 ones at least I was hoping to re-do them because my pictures didn't turn out... but... I already photographed em, so I might as well post them!

These pictures were taken indoors on a dark, gloomy, windy fall day...

Cosmic Polish. For Space Age nails! My favorite of all of Eyeko's polishes. It's a black creme base with lots of tiny holographic glitter particles. I took a picture with flash to show the hologram effect of the glitter. Rainbow colors! It's subtle, definitely not in-your-face glitter or holo, but it adds a nice sparkle to a glossy black manicure.

Indigo Polish. Dark blue shimmer. Pretty straightforward. Not as dark as MAC Naughty Nautical or OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue.

Lilac Polish. I wish I could have captured this better. It looks so blue here! It's really less blue, more.. well... lilac.

Nude Polish. This is sort of a deep peach or maybe a cafe au lait with a hint of orange. Very warm. Very peachy.

Purple Polish. A neon purple- dries matte. Reminds me a whole lot of Milani Rad Purple. Sadly, this polish had one of the worst formulas I'd ever used. It was so thick I could barely apply it and it wouldn't flow nicely on the nail. It was like painting my nails with melted American cheese. O_o

Vintage Polish. This is a bluey-green creme. Turquoise, perhaps. It looks a little more blue in my picture than it does to me in real life. It's actually really beautiful, it is more saturated than most of the jades/mints in my collection.

And that's it for the 2009 ones. Can't believe it's taken me this long to post them. I think I should do a quick formula review of these before I get to the 2010 set. Some of these were extremely thick. Cosmic Polish was the thinnest and easiest to use. The rest were thick and three-free-ish (runny yet thick and gloopy). I did three coats of all. I really can't say I enjoyed the formula on these. I would recommend picking up some polish thinner if you plan on getting these because it will really help the application.

Now, 2010!

Coral Polish (for resort nails!). This is hot. Super flashy red-coral creme. I have grown fond of these flashy-bright reds (er, corals) over the years. This one is softer and less saturated than Rescue Beauty Lounge Bangin' but still has a similar feel.

Petite Polish. Pale pink sheer creme. Kinda cutesy, don't you think? Very frilly. But what is it with pastel pinks and being thick as glue? This one was so hard to apply! Thick and streaky.

Posh Polish. I. Love. This. Holy crap do I ever love this. It's like.... milk chocolate with dust mixed in! Or... mousy taupe! I love these kinda colors. This one seems more brown than a lot of the other ones I have, but it's more grey than OPI Over The Taupe. Is this what Chanel Particuliere looks like?

Tea Rose Polish. Interesting color choice. I suppose it goes well with the muted color scheme of Posh Polish. I love the label on the bottle and I like the whole idea of this polish, but I can't get over the fact that this is such a... umm... mature shade of polish.

Vampira Polish. Ooh, sexy! Black creme base with sparkly red glitter! Love how it looks, love the gothiness of it. It is pretty much the same as China Glaze Lubu Heels / Piggy Polish Midnight Fireflies / Milani Garnet Gem, though.

The formula on these was definitely improved over the 2009 releases. The only one of these that was too thick was the Petite Polish. Vampira Polish was actually a bit watery! I did three coats of all, but only Petite and Vampira needed the third coat. Pigmentation is pretty nice on these. The bottle shape does make application a little tricky, though. It's really easy to knock over this tall thin bottle. Some of the brushes had defects, such as uneven alignment (slanted brush/notched brush) and a few had some bristles that needed to be trimmed as they stuck out farther than all the other bristles and left a dot of polish on my fingers when applying. Drying time is average.

I think these are cute. I love the art on the bottles and the little names they give them (like 'for country nails'). I did like the old bottles better- those squatty wide-mouthed paint jar ones. These tall skinny ones (essentially a nail art/striper polish bottle) require me to be careful and pay attention when I'm using them. But despite the flaws in the formula, I do like these. I am a sucker for cute packaging (and funky colors), and these have some of the cutest packaging around. I especially like Cosmic and Posh Polish for the color and Tea Rose and Lilac Polish for the packaging.

(These were sent to me for review)


  1. Ooh, Cosmic Polish and Indigo Polish! *grabby hands*

  2. These are nice. I like them all, I think. Good swatches. I always love the shape of your nails.

  3. I totally love Eyeko. I have Cosmic, Indigo and Vampira and am currently waiting on Posh, Tea Rose and Nude. Your swatches are always the best I know, by the way. You have made a lot of my shopping decisions easier in the past ;o)

  4. Vampira and Cosmic have caught my eye! Awesome!

  5. My fave is the dark blue one (can't remember the name right this sec), but both of the collections are nice. I love the names - so cute!! I know I'm guilty of buying a polish (or 3) just because the name is so good.

  6. I have all the slender-bottle Eyeko and am very pleased with them.
    Coral is 2 coats on me. I was pleased about that.
    Petite is gloopy but I just wiped the brush against the side of the bottle. Not a problem.
    I haven't tried them all yet.
    Their other beauty products are great and cheap for us in the UK so I'm a huge fan.

  7. I have the fall collection and really like most of them. Thanks to you, I need the spring collection tool :-)

  8. I looooove Cosmic! It is amazing! vampira is pretty too but i still prefer Precisions Rebel red in You when I go for red glitter in black base. Bot they are not dupes and i will use them both.

  9. I love how Cosmic really looks like the night sky! I also love Vampira.

  10. wow i have never tried these, but love the colors - especially the nude polish and purple polish!!!!

  11. How close is the lilac polish to OPI's Rumple's Wiggin' or SpaRitual's I Am The Light? I'm seriously considering an order. Thank you!

  12. Love the Posh! I adore those edgy but neutral colors, I'm uncontrollably drawn to them. I have the Chanel Particuliere (my fave polish!) and it does look VERY similar. Maybe the Chanel has a tiny bit of a dusty lilac undertone? The Posh looks like a good dupe to me, I'm going to have to try it out!

  13. These are all fantastic shades. I don't own any of this brand. The Lilac is beautiful and so are quite a few more.

  14. try using that thick purple one for konad:)

  15. I like these. I can't wait to get my hands on some of them.


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