Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jessica Cosmetics Ignite Collection Summer 2010

In an effort to catch up, how about a two for one today? Who knows, maybe I'll even go for three...

Jessica summer. Neons! I don't think I've seen Jessica do neons yet. Please keep in mind that neons don't photograph true to life- they are glowy and vibrant in person. Here they are:

Blue Blast. Bright neon-ish blue creme. A little sheer.

Electric Teal. Not an accurate representation- for some reason these bright teals always look whitened and odd on camera. It's deeper, teal-er and more neon in real life. This one has shimmer.

Pink Explosion. Super bright neon pink creme. Medium shade, not a light neon pink.

Yellow Flame. Highlighter yellow. Easily the most opaque neon yellow I have ever used. Three coats and it's totally opaque. Unfortunately, the formula was about the texture of wallpaper paste.

Orange Zest. Very bright traffic-cone orange neon creme. Again, a medium orange instead of a light orange. I love this type of color, I don't care how many identical colors I have in my collection. Bring on the oranges!!

Purple Burst. More of a fuchsia than a purple, but it's purple enough. Think Essie Perky Purple.

The formula on these was... interesting. I don't know if I got a bad batch or dried out bottles or what, but all the shades felt thick and gluey. Actually, they felt like painting my nails with vaseline or something. Really weird texture. Needless to say I had a hard time applying. I did three coats of all. The yellow really only needed two coats- very rare for neon yellow. Could be because each coat was about an inch thick because of the formula! =X At least the drying time was good, average for neons which tend to dry on the fast side anyway. And since these are neons, they do dry matte. Don't panic. Seriously. Repeat after me: neons dry matte. Nothing is wrong with your polish.

I do love neons so these definitely appeal to me. I can't say that they are unique, though. These are very common neon shades. I suppose Yellow Flame is the most unique due to its opacity- two coat neon yellow. That never happens. Also worth noting- these have great wear time. I wore Purple Burst as a mani and a pedi and they resisted chipping and tipwear until I removed them. Normally I change my pedicure when it starts to chip, but this one never did and I got bored. I've heard that Jessicas wear well but honestly I change my polish too often to notice such things... lol

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. ooooh, I've been looking for something just like Perky Purple except with a better formula! Where can you buy this brand? Don't think I've ever seen it before...

  2. These look great! I love the yellow and the orange.

  3. Woah, the orange!! Ow my eyes (in a good way)

  4. I love the whole collection :o)

  5. That orange is intense! I don't like wearing oranges like that but my eye is definitely drawn to them! I do however like that purple, very catchy!

    On a side note, I have to force myself to change my toe colors because I so rarely get chips on them. Fingers I do constantly but not on my toes.

  6. Ooo...I love them! Where is the best place to buy these?

  7. wow great colors - very bright! i have never heard of this brand.

  8. Thanks for the swatches! I love the orange and the purple!!

  9. Thanks for the swatches! I love the orange and the purple!

  10. http://store.hello-gorgeous.net/jessica-nail-polish.html

    has them for $4.95 (reg. price $7.50)

  11. They are very beautiful, my favorite is the blue (my favorite color)

  12. Another great collection from Jessica!

    Have you got pics of their other 2 new collections 'Naked' and 'Electric'??! Would love to see those too!

    Laura, UK

  13. Your so right that we've seen these before. I'll skip these. Perky Purple is lovely though.

  14. omg the pink and yellow- i need them so bad!


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