Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gwen Stefani by OPI Collection 2014 Swatches and Review

This is a small collection of mostly standard, mundane colors (red creme, pink creme, vampy burgundy), but with one really special standout shade.  Quick overview of the collection from the press release:

"OPI joins celebrity partner Gwen Stefani in announcing seven new limited edition nail lacquers for 2014, featuring standout color in breakthrough finishes. Highlights from the collection include a bold red lacquer that pays homage to Gwen’s signature lipstick, a new semi-matte satin finish in shades of gold and black, and a mirrored chrome paired with a special base coat. 

Inspired by the 2013 Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala that featured the theme “Punk: Chaos to Couture,” OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann decided to create a collection of lacquer celebrating the role of music as a major influence in fashion. “With her expertise as a singer, songwriter and designer, who better to collaborate with than Gwen Stefani?” asks Weiss-Fischmann. “Known for her trademark red lips, bold eye makeup and nail art, Gwen uses beauty to accessorize her style.” 

Gwen’s signature red OPI hue – Over & Over A-Gwen – is available in a boxed set, which includes Swarovski black crystals and silver, gold and pewter studs in bar, square, diamond and circle shapes for creating unique nail designs, as well as nail glue for easy application. Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and 4 in the Morning feature a new, semi-matte satin finish designed to be worn without top coat. Push and Shove, a bold chrome hue, is also worn without top coat but requires a special complimentary base coat – Lay Down that Base. One thin coat of Lay Down that Base topped with two thin coats of Push and Shove yields an intense, mirrored finish. The collection is rounded out with two glossy crème lacquers and one sparkly glitter shade: Hey Baby, I Sing in Color, and In True Stefani Fashion.

“OPI wanted to create a collection as dramatic, diverse and glamorous as its namesake,” adds Weiss-Fischmann. “With crème and glitter hues, new satin matte texture, a mirrored chrome and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Gwen Stefani by OPI presents the latest in pigments and finishes, while combining elements of haute couture and street fashion.”
Gwen Stefani by OPI Collection

 OPI 4 In The Morning
Very slightly shimmery dark charcoal/faded black satin matte.  Intended to be worn without topcoat.

 OPI Hey Baby
Blue-based hot pink creme.

 OPI In True Stefani Fashion
Sparse holographic silver glitter topcoat.  Shown here with three coats and still not full coverage. Nice feature of this polish: square glitter.

 OPI I Sing In Color
Vampy brown-burgundy creme.  Leans more jelly than pure opaque creme.

 OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
Light gold shimmer with a satin matte finish.  Intended to be worn without topcoat, but it looks pretty great with topcoat as well.

 OPI Over and Over A-Gwen
This is only sold as a set (pictured below) that includes some Swarovski Elements nail art pieces.  The color itself is a bright cherry red creamy jelly. 

OPI Over And Over A-Gwen Boxed Set

OPI Push and Shove
This is the special standout in the collection.  It's a mirrored chrome silver, and without resorting to Minx or other similar nail coverings, it's the most reflective, mirror-like silver out there.  It needs to be worn over a special basecoat, but that's included with the polish.

The formula on every shade was perfect.  Literally nothing to criticize in the texture or application of any of these.  Push And Shove can get streaky if you apply the coats too close together or on top of still-wet basecoat, but it's minimal.  All shades except In True Stefani Fashion only needed two coats for full coverage (and that's how they're worn here).  Push and Shove is very fragile on the nail and doesn't wear for very long.  It doesn't chip on me, it actually wears away as if it's being wiped away.  Wearing topcoat makes it more durable. 

Most of the colors in this collection seem too bland to have Gwen Stefani's name on them, don't they?  Nothing unique in here except for Push and Shove.  It's not a true mirror reflection, but it's the closest I've ever seen.  I am completely in love with it.  It's even more reflective in person.  Only downsides are that it gets damaged easily and that it shows every single flaw on your natural nail (call me Ruffles.) Gently buffing your nails before applying the basecoat should make any ridges or flaws less noticeable.

Gwen Stefani by OPI nail lacquers contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush for the ultimate in application. This promotion will be available beginning January 2014 at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for  $9.00 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each nail lacquer. The boxed set including Over & Over A-Gwen and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS will retail for $14.95 ($18.95 CAN).

(collection provided for review.)


  1. Push and Shove looks very much like the manicure of a robot and I am in constant search for a ROBOT NAILS mani. Thank you!!!

  2. Sally Beauty was recently clearing this line out. I was hoping to snag the Push and Shove for $4.50 but all my stores were sold out -___-
    Despite it being a bit finicky, its still something fun to add to the stash

  3. I read another blogger's review that Push and Shove chips easily. That's a shame, it's so gorgeous.

  4. I swear you are the only person who thought this was a "meh" collection. I personally expected something way more than what they came out with. Like wild colours and glitters mixed with this range. I guess they are good standards but I was only interested in 4 in the Morning because i liked the finish of it (which btw I love).

  5. Couldn't agree with you more!! I too expected so much more, but I do love Push and Shove!

  6. Thanks for your honesty, Scrangie! So many other bloggers were gushing like crazy over this collection, which is just a pink, a red, a black, a gold and a glitter. They are fine, but nothing to get excited about!

  7. But the one thing I want to know, does the Push and Shove STAMP? :D

  8. Do I need more pink nail polish? No.
    Do I want that pink nail polish? Hell yes.

  9. I did grab a couple for myself and I've actually only tried Hey Baby. For me, it felt kinda thick, but the end result was amazing.

  10. would you please do a side by side comparison of the Mariah Carey collection to the Gwen Stefani collection? I am wondering how similar are the vampy burgundy shades, the red shades, and the silvery-gold shades. Thanks!

  11. Would you please do a side-by-side comparison of the Mariah Carey and Gwen Stefani collections? I would really like to see how similar the vampy burgundy, red, and silvery gold shades are between the two collections.

  12. I <3 the Vampy brown and burgundy shade. I will hopefully get two. One for me and one for my lovely grandmother Ruby. I know she'll love it too.


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