Monday, June 17, 2013

Cirque Colors Cypress Holographic Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Are you all taking advantage of this sunny weather by wearing as many holos as you possibly can?  I know I am.  Nothing quite like that gorgeous, magical, flickering rainbow of color blasting you in the eyeballs every time you look at your nails that a good holographic polish can provide.  Here's a recent one from one of my favorite indie brands, Cirque Colors. It's called Cypress and it's from the Objet d'Art collection (sent for review).

 Cirque Colors Cypress.  A light metallic copper with fine-textured, scattered holographic effect.  The copper shade looks a bit darker in the bottle than it appears on the nail, and the holographic rainbow is not quite as intense as it appears on the side of the bottle.  That said, it's still an incredibly lovely color.  The hologram look is delicate but very visible (the particles are smaller than in most scattered holos, but still well-defined), giving a fairy-dust overlay effect to the copper metal base.  Looks much more pronounced in direct light.

The formula was good.  Cirque's holographic shades have a much different texture than other holographic polishes.  They feel and flow and apply like a normal shimmer polish, not like a dense, sometimes streaky foily/dense metallic.  I found this particular shade to be on the sheer side and I needed three coats for complete opacity.  Dry time is not as fast as a 'normal' holo, but but it isn't slow.  Same as any other Cirque polish.  I used no basecoat or topcoat and this manicure lasted well past a week with little noticeable damage/chipping/tipwear, which is also very unusual for a holo.

Sure, the holographic effect could be stronger, but I still like the copper base color of this a whole lot.  I don't have many copper polishes, which is odd because I really like copper because it reminds me of fall.  The holo effect is just icing on the cake.  Oh yeah, it's scented, too.  I love that.

Cirque Cypress is available at!

(Sent for review.)



  1. Oh my, oh my - this looks fantastic! I don't own many copper polishes (I think I have one?) but if it wouldn't be so damn expensive to buy Cirque Colors, I would buy it right now!

  2. The copper is gorgeous and I literally just got Color Club Cherubic and was planning on slapping it on over my current color!

  3. She's a pretty one! I need to go polish my nails something holo, STAT.

  4. Scented, you say? :o What's the smell like?

    1. Lavender and clary sage, I think? Herbal, calming, not sweet, spa-like. Very nice. Kinda luxurious if you ask me.

  5. Now that I think about it, I don't think I have ANY copper polishes. This one is super pretty. I like how it has a peach-ish glimmer in a couple of the pictures.

  6. I love the blue shimmer of the holo on the pretty!!

  7. I adore this! I love pale copper/nude holos and this one is perfect!

  8. Any idea how the base color compares to Color Club Cosmic Fate?? I've been trying to decide if I need Cypress...

  9. I have this and love it. It is my only Cirque and it was a MUST HAVE for me.


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