Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Informal poll: What kind of nail polish do you want to see?

This picture has nothing to do with the post, I just thought it was cute. Yay doggies!

I was just thinking (and complaining on Twitter) about how uninspired a lot of the nail polish collections seem lately. It seems like they're all duplicates of each other or re-released colors with new names. Which lead to me wondering what types of colors I'd rather see instead... I want to know what types of colors/finishes/types of polish you want polish companies to make.

This is sort of an informal poll, I want to see what you all think. Please comment with what type of nail polish you want to see in upcoming collections. Anything that comes to mind, even if it seems impossible. New colors, re-releases of old collections, anything! Post it!

Personally, I'd like to see a decent range magnet polishes that are available in North America, some really unusual/weird creme shades, or the same unusual shades with contrasting duochrome flash, some good true holos (like China Glaze Kaleidoscope and OMG) in different colors (do we really need more gold, silver and lavender holos?) and some polishes that have pretty pink and blue and purple glitter in them, like the Cover Girl Ice Slicks. And let's not forget my eternal wish for Clarins 230 / Urban Decay Toxin and Id- type polishes in all different hues.

Nail polish companies do read blogs... Maybe if we ask for something enough, they might make it! It's happened before, it can happen again!


  1. I want a true yellow holo as well as a true red holo.

  2. I agree with most of your wants, especially more holos (strong holos!). I wish OPI would bring back some of their awesome holo DS polishes.

  3. Bearing in mind I'm in the UK, so what's available to me is different, and a large part of what I'd love to have available is "more of the collections I see on US blogs"!

    That said ... I'm very much with you on the holographics; my particular love is for blues, but other colours too. And magnets - never seen them here, would love to try them. I've been hunting what seems like forever for a basic gold glitter in a clear base, to use to spangle up other colours without changing them, or even a gold cosmetic glitter that wouldn't dissolve if I tried to franken my own.

  4. I want really strong holos the most. I totally missed out on OMG, and have since hauled from Tronica. The shades are really pretty but I still really want OMG-quality nail polishes.

  5. I am with you on the Urband Decay ID/Toxin polishes. The duochrome shimmer needs to make a huge comeback if you ask me. I'd also like to see a collection like the old specialty Hard Candy Candyman polishes and the Urban Decays that were released for movie premiers like Scream. You're right, everything seems to be generic right now and each company is releasing the same thing. I think alot of bloggers are hitting a slump because of it. Oh, and more flakies. Lots more flakies...

  6. Mega holos and duo/multichromes. Also, why non glass flecks like China Glaze's Babes in Toeland series? Heck, I think some of us would run to the store if they re-released that collection.

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  8. 1. Holos. For real.
    2. Flakies A MILLION OF THEM
    3. I'd love to see some of those neat "lit from within" polishes in pale colors, if it's possible.

  9. I find it frustrating that most flaky shimmer looks great in the bottle but doesn't translate well on the nails. I want my flaky shimmer to stand out!!!!!

  10. I completely agree with everyone on the linear holos. I missed out on the OMG collection and I'm slowly getting it now but they're pricey! If a collection of true holos (I need them to be linear!) came out, I would buy the whole thing. I'd also love to see some unique duochromes. The crazier the better!
    And oh my god, 230-like polishes in a rainbow of choices would be amazing. As would magnetic polishes!

  11. I'm in the same boat at you as far as wants go. I'd love to see Magnetic polishes in the US, Europe has them...why can't we? It's difficult the find Euro bloggers to swap with for those polishes so I just sit here and swoon at all the pictures of stuff I can't get.

    Also like you said, stronger holos a la Nfu Oh, Make Up Store, Glitter Gal etc... I know the holo pigment is expensive...but we would pay more for a bottle if it was amazing. At least I would, I'm a holo fangirl.

    I'd love to see a US company make amazing multichromes like Ozotic is doing. I'm going broke trying to afford those suckers. They are amazing though and completely worth it!

    I'd love if China Glaze would re release their mood polishes. I've found a few bottles at a dusty and I love their color combos!

    Also of course some kind of dupe to Clarins 230 or UD Toxin...and also the Liquid Euphoria polishes. I'd pretty much die if any of those happened.

    I think that's about it (for now!)

  12. Nfu-Oh type holos from other brands and colors like Givenchy Dandy Moire and Purple by Night need to make a comeback! I agree with Scandalous :) Clarins 230 is absolutely gorgeous and that type of iridescent color needs to hit the shelves again!

  13. YES! Magnetic polishes in pretty colors, not silver or red or copper.

  14. I'd like to see the Nail Prisms re-released again, especially the shades like Lapis Amethyst and Cinnabar. Maybe this time they could make the formula a little less watery? Barring that: duochromes from other folks, especially the darker, bolder colors or jeweltones (red/blue/purple shift, blue/green shift, et cetera.)

    I would like to see some brown, grey, and black holos. More blues and greens would be cool. And rainbow-holos like the OMG holos, not the more-scattered holographic effects that we got in most of the Kaleidescope colors.

    If it's possible, I'd like a holo polish that was a bit more durable. Either that, or a holographic effect that isn't considerably muted by a top coat. (And the Wireless top coat, while a nice gesture, didn't really restore the smooth-prismatic effects of the holo beneath it.)

    I'd like to see more flakie polishes - with cool-toned flakies that morph between green-blue-purple-magenta, not red-orange-yellow-green. The only place I know to get them is Nfu-Oh.

  15. I agree with the holos! I finally found Tronica in my Sally's last night - it's more along the lines of Milani's 3D polishes. While they're pretty, they're just not the holos I (and I'm sure everyone) was hoping for! Kinda disappointing! I think China Glaze should just re-release OMG, and Sally Hansen their Nail Prisms. :)

    I'd also like to see more unique color combos with glitter (Barielle June Bug comes to mind).

  16. Since I'm in Europe, and not all nice brands are available here, I'd love to have more glitter polishes along the line of OPI Sparkle-icious

  17. - gradient liquid available in US
    - more flakies like Buried Treasure, but different colors- silver, violet, green, orange
    - stronger iridescence

  18. Oh boy. Let's see.
    Ideally I would love more magnetic shades in more colors other than the sad burgundy one I have from Lancome. These would be such a huge hit if companies would only release them here in the US.
    I would also LOVE LOVE to see a frosty metallic range of polishes that leave no streaks behind. I'm not talking about foils, but true metallic frosts with no brush marks.
    I would also like to see a true black polish (no clear grey) with metallic black glitter sort of like the Nubar glitters, where it looks like I'm wearing the banana seat from my 1970's bicycle on my hands. Yeah. that's the one I'm talking about.
    Duochromes. I can never have enough of them. I get more compliments on RBL Scrangie, Zoya Adina and LM Caviar Dreams than any other polishes I wear. The world needs more duochromes. I would love a black polish with a pink duochrome and possibly a pink shimmer/fine glitter. That would make me happier than a pig in sh*t.
    Holos. Not crappy, can't tell they are holos, by brands that shall remain nameless, but REAL Holos like Nfu Oh silver holo. That knocks my socks off. How about a Kelly Green and deep Green holo or an electric blue holo or a wine colored holo or a deep purple holo? Something new other than pink and pastel blue and pastel green.
    Last but not least. I think there needs to be a nail polish named after me. I'm not a nail blogger, nor do I do a lot of posts about nail polish on my blog. I'm just really self important and selfish enough to want one. LOL

  19. I want more JELLIES! Weird colored jellies, no more pink ones!

  20. i'd really like to see some more matte polishes in bright colors. i know there was the pink a while back but i seemed to have missed it and can't find it anywhere. i think i may have to order it online. but anyway yes. some like the man glaze polishes but in color. not only for the gorgeous matte finish they have but have you see that gray with a top coat on it? it's magnificent. i'd really like some of that in a bright blue or green.
    maybe there are colorful matte's and i just don't know about them. but i haven't seen very many that i really enjoyed.

  21. My list is pretty much exactly the same as everyone else so far - more holos! More Duochromes! More flakies! My problem is that half the colours I like I still can't wear cos of the formaldehyde resin in them. I know I'm in a minority but would be really nice to be able to wear OPI, Glitter Girl or Ozotic one day. I can dream!

    Oh - and if Revlon could re-release their Streetwear line I would be a happy girl :)

  22. TRUE HOLOS! The China Glaze Tronica collection just doesn't do it for me.
    Duochromes!! Loves it.

  23. Magnetic polishes
    True holos
    Re-release of nail prisms
    i.e. What everyone else said. :)

  24. I have been looking everywhere for a dark dark green color. I know NARS made one but I have no idea where to find it and I would love companies to start making cheaper versions. All I can find are dark purples and I need a dark green! I love those almost black colors but when you look up close they have a different color in them... hard to explain.
    Anywho, that's what I want!

  25. I would certainly love to see more true holos and flakies more widely available. My "inspiration" idea would be to have nail polish designers take their cues from autobody paint. Sounds weird, I know, but there are some beautiful, subtle shimmers to be found in a car with a good paint job. China Glaze Vintage Vixen was on the right track, but there's some exploration to be done there, I think. (PS, this is what happens when you ask a nail-polish junkie with a thing for cars for nail polish ideas.)

  26. I would love to see more, as everyone else has said, strong linear holos! Especially in more unique colors like dark purple (a la CC Wild At Heart) or dark blue. Definitely wouldn't mind paying more for those as well. I'd also love to see more cool-toned flakies in the green/blue/purple range combined with smaller glitter particles in the polish, similar to Sinful's Green Ocean or Nfu Oh 52. Or have multichromes like the Ozotics made available over in the US.

    But what I'd want to see the MOST of bright, beautifully dense and colorful microglitter/bigshimmer like Liquid Euphoria. I still pull out my precious bottle once in a while to marvel at its prettiness...

  27. I'd love to see more foil finish polishes that arn't just gold or silver and holos that don't have microscopic nearly invisible holo glitter and I'm kinda tired of the big holo glitter ( i love it) but I'd like more of a holo/foil cross finish? And we need more bright different colors more shades of green other than mint and lime

    wow I sound really angry but really there arn't too many colors I want/need anymore because they are all so similar blech

  28. I can't remember right now but I would like to see the water color polishes to come back with lots of colors. I think Essie had some of them. I heard if you apply the blue one over grey polish is really beautiful. I hope you know what I'm talking about :)

  29. Re-release Nail Prisms! And of course MOAR HOLO.

  30. I'm pretty happy with the current collections. :) I mean, yes, it's kind of annoying how they all release the same colors, one company after the other, but that's how marketing works.

  31. More jellies like Lippmann Rehab but in colors like OPI Here Today... Argon Tomorrow or China Glaze Grape Pop.

  32. I agree with all your wants! And as I said on Twitter, especially more strong holos!

    I've never been able to get my hands on a magnet polish, so it'd be nice if they'd rerelease those as you've said.

  33. I would like some cremes in "weird/ugly" colors.
    More army/olive green cremes. Seriously, I have been on the hunt for a RBL "No More War" dupe/sister for FOREVER! I can't find any.
    Glitters, with larger glitter particles, like the ones from Lippmann.

  34. I would also love some true holos. I'm mad I missed out on the OMG collection, I wish they would bring it back.

  35. I just have one wish: a true navy blue strong linear holo (not a blurple, not a scattered holo)

  36. I wish there was a nail polish collection that created a swirl pattern on the nail. Like the puddles of samples you see for polish, but that liquid look on the nail.

  37. I'd love more flakies like the Nfu Oh ones, and also some crazy holo's like Nfu Oh does best!
    Oh yeah and glitters with larger particles like the Milani and Lippmann ones!

  38. Well I must agree on holos, and not bleh-ones like Tronica but STROOONG holos in different colors. And I agree we need more colors in the holo-section! Next I'd like to see more glitters! Not pure glitters but lovely jellies packed with glitters of all kinds of colors and sizes. Wierd combos please! Colors that don't look like they'll match but they do. I mean look at the RBL fan collection vote. Only one pure creme made the cut, the rest are glitter and duochrome.

    I'd also love for China Glaze to release more polishes in other colors but with the same finish as the Retro Diva collection! Love them!

    So bring it on :)

  39. I really don't think lemming lists should exist! It's not like the nail polish companies benefit from Unicorn Pee going for $150 on eBay. Why not rerelease or dupe, and make everyone happy? Give us:
    - rainbow goodness like Clarins 230 and NFU Oh 52.
    - magnetic polish
    -gold shatters. My Ulta said the China Glaze shatters sold out in 7minutes!
    - real holos. Consistent holos!
    - special effects. Cool top coats like the Colorama series. Frosty Pink is harder to find than Clarins 230.

  40. i would defintely like more holos a la Chanel Holographic. Now THATS a holo i wish i could find. and old revlon streetwears, SH prisms, LE polishes, old CNDs had amazing colors, and old Urban Decays and Hard Candys!!! ohhh the 90's were great for polish. *sigh* i love odd/mushroom type colored creams like the army greens and grays.i would want to see holos and duochromes and flakies that are different from the same old colors that are always released. more glass fleck and super shimmer foil type polishes.

  41. I want a proper bright red linear holo, dark blue and dark green.

    I want a series of awesome flakies. On that note nfu-oh 51 in a blender? Has anyone tried that yet? Mortar and pestle? Plz2havepoormans230?

    Stop giving us this crap about you can't get the pigment anymore. WE CAN REBUILD HIM.. WE HAVE THE PARTS.

    Magentic polish? Yes please? Clearly all it takes (ala crack) is for one company to make one polish and shortly after we will all be able to make magnetic polish angels and swim scrooge mcduck style through our buildings full of it.

    Duo/multichromes - Yes moar.. and proper? Hello? I don't want to have to sit in my bathroom with a candle and a flashlight trying to create that perfect zen lighting that brings out a hibernating duochrome.

    And Dear OPI, your pirates collection SUCKS 60 goats. You had a perfect opportunity for something awesome and you blew it. Please come to mua where I can show you to the thread for our streetwalker collection, it was nothing but awesome. Take some chances you prissy wenches!

  42. More holographics in a wider variety of colours - but the linear types. Dark green/blue/purple/red would be great.
    Flakies in other colours like blue and green rather than the orange red that is more common. Nfu-oh is difficult to get in the UK... maybe they would expand over here ;)
    More glitters like the OPI burlesque colours or like China Glaze Ruby Pumps in that lovely jelly formula.
    More hex glitters from Deborah Lippmann or other brands to release their own.

  43. i live in Canada and Zulu by NARS is really not accessible here and God knows that polish is kinda hard to get a hold of. I just wish there was a way to make it more accessible.

    And I agree for the more holos part. I'd also love to see some really cool chromes in really stand out colours.

  44. Flakies would be nice...

    And love the picture of the dog :)


  45. I wand a nice, darker green true holo (not necessarily dark, just not light green), generally true holos with stronger base colors. More glass fleck, magnet polishes, jellies with glitter...Crazy colors in general would be great, bright colors...

  46. True strong holos! Like OPI DS Glamour. True red holo for sure! Strong duochromes, polishes like that damn Clarins 230. We don't need any more charla dupes but more colors with the same effect and glass flecks like Drinkin My Blues Away from china glaze! Amen!

  47. Some thoughts, some of these have been said already, but oh well:

    -GREENS! It seems that green can be done as very bright, olive, almost black or blue-green. But where are all the other green shades? We have a million hues of red, but green? Nope. A collection of greens in different finishes, maybe inspired by leafs, grass, flowers, water, fruits.. even bugs, where all the shades are unique and outside the norm for green.
    - strong holos likes the GOSH holo, in rich colours like green (I mean, Nubar's Reclaim is great, but there's got to be MORE), purple, fuchsia, navy and so on.
    - stronger and stronger duochromes
    - glitter, especially flakies and combinations of differently shaped and coloured glitters.
    - Magnetic polish with a bunch of different colours and magnets, or even better a top coat that changes any colour into a magnet polish
    - JELLY! Both jelly with glitter and creme type of jelly, where you get that slightly translucent appearance, that is not streaky at all, but has that additional jelly depth. And well, glittery shimmery deep deep jellies.
    - a true pearl finish in polish, if it can be done. something like wearing mother-of-pearl or abalone in your fingernails, but not a frost at all
    - and more than anything, combinations of different finishes in one polish - duochrome glitters, holos with added glitter, flakies with colour, interesting topcoats and so on.

  48. I'd love to have emerald green - not lime green - holo and a real red - not coral - holo. I can't find them anywhere. I'd also like to see more unique multichromes. But frankly ... just less duping. Seriously. Look at Charla/Halley's Comet/CMIYN/etc. etc. Gorgeus colour. But I'm so sick of it because of all the duping, I don't even want to wear it anymore. So sad. I hate it when a few colours just go round and round. Makes me so sick of it.
    So yeah. I'm basically opened to all colours and finishes (almost, at least), just make them unique!!

  49. FLAKIES (especially cool toned ones as others have said). Why are there not more flakies?

  50. I'd kill for some magnet polishes. And I really want some true vibrant holos! I also wouldn't mind a wider range of crackle colors

  51. I want jellies and "hidden" shimmers! We've been getting quite a few of those lately, but I want more!

    I want multichromatic polishes. I've seen quite a few amazing swatches of Ozotics, but they're kinda difficult to get if you're in the US.

    I want more full-coverage glitters like Absolutely Alice. I like the Burlesque glitters, but I'd rather have them be mostly one color with a smattering of gold or silver.

    I want black polishes with colored glass-fleck shimmer, like China Glaze's Blk-Bila-Bong. I'd also like white polishes with the same effects.

    In fact, I want China Glaze and OPI to rerelease Blk-Bila-Bong and Absolutely Alice.

    Like everyone else, I want magnetic polishes and linear holos.

    I want all of the above in a rainbow of colors - light, medium and dark!

    And while we're at it, I want non-sheer, non-streaky neons. China Glaze released a bunch of non-streaky pastels last year. Someone can accomplish this!

  52. I would love Emerald Sparkle in every imaginable colors!! And also all kinds of colors with holo glitter. I´ve got lots of them in different purple shades, but I want other colors too.
    And more duochromes, the strong ones like Ozotics.
    And also re-releases of Clarins 230 and Liquid Euphoria and stuff like that.
    Holos in more different shades. And I mean strong holos.

    And since I can ask whatever I want here, I would also love for polishes to always be opaque in one or two coats :-)

  53. Any holo that is like the OMG collection and Nfu-oh would be wonderful. Preferably in darker shades. I had to get into nail polish the year AFTER the holo craze! ugh

  54. Since she said it all for me, I'm just going to cut and paste Jen's comment here: ESPECIALLY the Liquid Euphoria stuff. And I'll add that I've been a lacquerhead since the 1970's and it's all coming back this is a great post for them to read! We want to see it all come back around again please. Thank you.

    I'm in the same boat at you as far as wants go. I'd love to see Magnetic polishes in the US, Europe has them...why can't we? It's difficult the find Euro bloggers to swap with for those polishes so I just sit here and swoon at all the pictures of stuff I can't get.

    Also like you said, stronger holos a la Nfu Oh, Make Up Store, Glitter Gal etc... I know the holo pigment is expensive...but we would pay more for a bottle if it was amazing. At least I would, I'm a holo fangirl.

    I'd love to see a US company make amazing multichromes like Ozotic is doing. I'm going broke trying to afford those suckers. They are amazing though and completely worth it!

    I'd love if China Glaze would re release their mood polishes. I've found a few bottles at a dusty and I love their color combos!

    Also of course some kind of dupe to Clarins 230 or UD Toxin...and also the Liquid Euphoria polishes. I'd pretty much die if any of those happened.

    I think that's about it (for now!)

  55. Oh, and more flakies in different shades. Not all blue/green or orange/red/green. Maybe a flakie that shifts from purple to blue, to green, to orange and yellow

  56. Who DOESN"T want magnet polishes?!?

    It's confusing to me how dupey recent collections are too! I love the dusty purple-taupe colors as much as the next girl, but how about some awesome flashes of color or glitter in some of them?? Why are they all cremes?!? And why do they always have to be purple-taupe? What about blue-taupe? green-taupe? Get creative, god dammit!

    That and flakies. I need more flakies in my life.

  57. I would LOVE any of the following:

    more true holos like China Glaze's OMG and Kaleidoscope collections

    more polishes with "flakies", a la Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

    duochrome flakies!

    more color-changing polishes that actually work

    more craaaaackles

  58. Strong linear holos - especially a Kelly green, true red and a bold blue. I love duochromes, too...strong duochromes. And more than your usual pastel colors. Give me some strong, bold primary colors!

  59. Ooooh! And flakies. GIVE ME MORE FLAKIES!

  60. Definitely more flakies, linear holos in a much wider range (deep, true colors), magnetic, and 230/UD/Liquid Euphoria amazingness. I'm still kicking myself for not getting all the colors from Liquid Euphoria when they were at Hot Topic years ago. *sigh* I find that that line is even harder to find than the 230. I don't even know the name of the one color I DO have...

    @AE, you had me ROFL, seriously. :D

    REALLY GOOD GLITTERS! ( like the jewel fx glitters by Milani so many people have commented me on the gold one, I really want one it every color now!)

  62. I totally agree with everything you said!

  63. My number one want is pretty much what Miranda said earlier: I want Emerald Sparkle in purple, dark blue, and blurple. Maybe even aqua and burgundy. It's pretty much my ides of perfection in a polish, and it's annoying that it's only in green.

    And as long as I'm asking, I'd like it to be in wide release. I'm so over chasing all over for limited editions that never seem to be available anywhere - it's almost like the polish makers don't WANT us to buy their product. And I'm becoming more than happy to comply with that want.

    (and it's funny, I don't see anyone asking for more taupe or greige....there's a message there.)

  64. So many replays, I haven't read them all but I'll tell you what I'd like. Magnetics and maybe even holo ones! And please if they could be available in Sweden too! Some of them are in Europe but they seem to forget Sweden a lot those companies...

    Thanks! :)

  65. Magnet polishes. To find out way after the fact that they existed but were released only in Europe was angering.

    I'd also like to see more of the glass-fleck type polishes, but in rich colors, like jewel tones, no pastel junk.

    And flakies. I managed to get my hands on a bottle of Nubar 2010, but Nfu-Oh has a great lineup, only I can't afford to spend that much money on one bottle of polish.

  66. i'd love to see more multi-finish polishes. i say this while wearing OPI Merry Midnight, and i love that it's a shimmer base with both glitter and flakies...when finishes can be combined in a way that's pretty, it makes for interesting and unique colours.
    i'd also like to see more interesting vampy jellies. there are few dark greens (Zulu) and blues (WnW Morbid i think)...i'd love to see more like really dark teal jellies or dark brick red jellies. modern vampies collection!
    i always want to see more duochromes. and duochromes that aren't sheer (Lippmann Wicked Game comes to mind)!
    i agree on true holos in different colours. i'd love to see darker coloured holos coming out a la OPI My Private Jet. maroon, olive, forest green holos...yes please!

  67. I would like Liquid Euphoria to make a comeback, and I would love to find linear holos in schoolbus yellow, olive green and indigo/periwinkle/blue-violet - that would make me so happy.

  68. Duochromes and Ozotic-style multichromes! The strongest the effect, the better!I want more, and it’s never enough..

    Cremes with (more or less) subtle shimmer or contrasting duochrome (like Zoya Gemma, Chanel Paradoxal, p2 Elegant, H&M Peppermint Fusion etc.)

    Nfu-oh type strong holos: but please not another silver..

    Foils!Green foils, Purple foils! It took me months to finally put my European greedy hands on Color Club Magic Elf and the bottle is sooo small!!

  69. This is so great, Scrangie! =)
    I would like to see more crazy holos! It seems to me that companies think they can write "holo" on the bottle and get away with it, even if there is no sign of a holo!
    I want REAL holos, like Nfu-Oh ones, but in unusual and dark colors! Like dark blue, dark green, dark red, yellow, orange and so on and so on! And I want them to be interesting in low light too!
    I would also love more duochromes, the 230 ones ofcourse! I really don't get it - companies would make a fortune making polishes like this! ;)

  70. Number one for me is holos, ones like gosh/omg/kaleidoscope, a nice rainbow of them, dark colors, emerald green, varying blues. Multi-chromes (like ozotic, but available in canada). Flakies in many many colors. Blue, green and purples jellies, of all different shades. Magnetic polishes (and for the love it have them available to canada). More duo-chromes would be nice. Also mixed sized glitters in jelly bases (like lippman), with big hex, small hex, round, flecks. Some space polishes, the ones with a dark blue or black base and so much shimmer and glitter in it that it's like looking through a telescope. And lastly more crackle/shatter in many many more colors (green both light and dark, blue of the same, purple that will actually crack).

  71. You took the words right out of my mouth! Those are all the things I want to see! Especially funky cremes, or duochromes. And flakies.

  72. Black jelly with a pink glitter.

  73. Oh man, I second everything you just said! Strong duochromes and holos and more intersting creme colors. Clarins 230 look-a-likes, ahhh and Slammin Red/Purple Medallion type polishes in all the colors. *wipes drool off chin*

    Some of the girl's ideas here sound fabulous!

  74. I really wanna see swatches of Deborah Lippmann, Glitter in the Air. I know there are a few out there, but I really want to see YOUR swatches, and how you layer it to make it look more opaque :)

    I couldn't agree more though, most of the colors coming our for spring, excluding Zoya's Intimate Collection and DL GitA, seem the same.

  75. I agree with wanting the magnetic polishes, and as a UK resident I would like to be able to buy more of the polishes I see in the UK here. I wish Sephora would come back to the UK we miss them x

  76. I would like to see more true holos, too... no more vague holo-ness, please!

    When I was a teenager I had this polish that I wore constantly--some cheapie brand from a consignment store--that was true khaki/olive green with a pink iridescence. Not a duochrome, not a shimmer. It was girly-punk when Avril and Pink were in grade school. I loved it and could never find it again... Gemma from Zoya comes close but the green isn't khaki enough and the iridescence is purple. A true khaki green (a la army uniforms) with pink iridescence. That's what I'd like to see.

    Oh, and cellophane colors (or colored topcoats). Those were awesome.

  77. I'm still in love with Orly's Cosmic FX collection and I would love to see more polishes with the same uniqueness and flash like Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet.

    I'd also like to see more jellies (especially black and green jellies) with glitter.

    I too miss the entire Liquid Euphoria line. I remember I had Elated when I was in 7th was utter gorgeousness and thank god my mom was nice enough to pay 8 bucks for it (this was 1999)! I still have the bottle but the polish has lost its duochrome. Ahh...memories.

  78. Definitely lots of STRONG duochromes and STRONG holos! And re-release of Starry Starry Night, please!

  79. I'm in the same "wishboat" as everyone else!
    I'd LOVE to see more true holos along the lines of GOSH Holographic. That's my favorite type. I'd like a BLACK true holo, please!
    And like Asami, more "weird" jellies. I franken jellies because I get bored with just pink jellies. I just made a gray jelly the other day and I'm in love with it. Obviously, it's not hard to do, so why aren't there more available?
    I'd LOVE to see polishes like Liquid Euphoria and Ozotics more readily available, and definitely some magnetic polishes, please!
    And there should be flakies. I just can't get enough of those, either.

  80. DUOCHROMES! Not the weak duochromes, either... really strong, obvious duochromes. I'm really drawn to them. Unfortunately I don't own any of the SH Prisms but I love them. I'd like to see more shades like that. I love wearing polishes that grab your attention throughout the day... you know, when you can't stop looking at the beautiful color shift on your fingers.

  81. I would love to see more jellies. It's hard to find a good jelly in less common colours.

    Also, a butter coloured polish that isn't see through would be amazing and wonderful!

  82. First off I LOVE your blog - you are the only blog that really shows these colors properly and I am so appreciative!

    For me I'd like to see a pink or sheer pink that actually works on a pale person. I'm really pale - and all those sheer pinks make me look like I have jaundice. If the pink has some pigment - it looks like easter eggs (a la Essie "French Affair") or it's too sheer and 7 coats make no difference.

    I'd love some kind of pink or coral that can be worn in summer/spring - that has enough punch for the toes and enough for the nails - yet is still pink. This is difficult to find.

    Also - I'd love for you to run a poll on toes matching nails or not? In summer I've done (and seen on everyone else here in NY) the nude nail and red toe. However - I kind of like the matchy-matchy. What is the current vibe on that question?

  83. Like I just said on Twitter, before I read about this blog post: I'd love to see a true red holo. Preferably a linear holo. 3D Fantasy in the ChG Tronica collection is not even close to red. A broad re-release of the OMG collection would be great.

  84. I think chunky glitter which is a different colour to the base would be cool like purple base with green glitter or blue base with yellow glitter. I want to see something new and tasty! (image from Abes odyssey-Oddworld)

  85. AE, you gave me quite a chuckle with your Scrooge McDuck reference!

  86. I would love to see holo magnetic polishes, that when you put the magnet on all the holo particles line up in the star or line shape (depending on the magnet).

  87. Posting on behalf of my friend Arica:
    "I'd love to see some bigger glitters like the Milani FX but in more colours. Lately I've been wearing a lot of the old Nubar Shocks and Sally Hansen Prisms, so more multi-chrome polishes would be awesome. I love love love UD Toxin and the Liquid Euphorias I have, and would be so friggin psyched if those shimmery multi-chromes of my youth would make a reappearance. I'd love a TRUE red holo and holos in deeper darker tones, like a Zulu/Recycle green, or a Sapphire in the Snow/Oscar Blue type shade. And I still want a layering polish that will give any polish a blue microshimmer, with NO silver, only blue."

    AWESOME wishlist, everyone! Looks like we're all on the same wavelength!

  88. Oh, holos and multi-chromes, YEAH....(esp. darker and TRUE holos! Red, green, blue)

    And, there are SO many colors out there- why do polish companies always choose the same tones?
    I have a feeling it's like TV- if one program works, then let's make 1,000 more exactly like it!
    (when in fact that just saturates the market and ruins it for everyone...)

    WAKE UP polish companies! How many more of the same pinks, reds, and mint greens do we need? Seriously! And why do you always discontinue the great unusual stuff? (I'm looking at YOU: Sally Hansen (Prisms), Revlon (StreetWear), and Urban Decay!!!
    Sorry for the rant, but you touched a nerve...

  89. Would love to see Sally Hansen re-release the Hidden Treasure polish.

  90. I couldn't agree with you more RE: "Clarins 230 / Urban Decay Toxin and Id- type polishes in all different hues." I just don't understand why Clarins doesn't just GO FOR IT! If they were able to create the magic that is 230, they could create an entire range celebrating their iconic superstar product. They would certainly have the demand! Again, it just boggles my mind why they haven't already done this.

    And since Urban Decay was able to make their own little gems, maybe they should take this on ;-)

    I also would love to see polishes inspired by the following:

    >Real ART, like a pastel color base with large multicolored matte, non-shiny pastel glitter pieces in the spirit of Monet, or that worn dark cream-burnt orange of Da Vinci's stencils, the perfect stone and marble of Michelangelo's sculptures, Yves Klein Blue (I think RBL is doing this), A hue from Picasso's blue period, Byzantine period metallics, etc.

    >Ode to brilliant oxide pigments - rich, opaque colors like aquamarine, ultramarine, ercolano orange, medium red crimson, medium green parrot, ultramarine violet, ultramarine rose. droooool

    >Shimmer Mix -- a line of shimmer polish/fluid that I can mix into any existing nail polish color that I want to pack with my choice of shimmer. I'd like these companies to give us things we can play with! Cosmetic lines have caught up in this department, I don't understand why lacquer companies haven't!

    I love this post, thank you for giving us a place to make our wishes, you ROCK!

  91. I never comment on blongs but I had to for this!

    All the collections released so far this year and the previews for the rest of the year look meh.

    I'd like to see flakies, duochromes and strong holo's in strange colours and combos.

  92. Weird holos and glitters and magnetics!

  93. I'd like duochromes with a wider variety of color options, and also with a stronger effect. I really love the shimmer duochromes, but to create something different, there could be a cream duochrome.

    More of the jelly finish would also be appreciated.

    I'd like some cheaper brand to make a dupe of Deborah Lippman's Across the Universe.

  94. As others have said, glitters that contrast with their (usually jelly) base would be fantastic... I particularly like the suggestion of black with pink glitter if possible.

    I would also like a polish that looks like goldstone; a deep russet base chock-a-block with fine gold glitter.

    I'd like to see some triangular glitter!

    Probably my BIGGEST polish fantasy would be colorful, non-metallic glitter-like particles... Dr. Frankenpolish once tried to make something she called Alien Donut Sprinkles, but the bits of neon confetti melted in the base :( Neon particles would make for an amazing twist on the usual summer neons, surely a chemist somewhere can figure out how to make this work!

    Another weird particle interest: little strings. They'd be almost like string glitter, but much finer, and not so uniform in length. Probably in just black or gold, to start out with, in a clear base. I'm thinking of an effect that would be somewhat like rutilated quartz.

    and Prisms-like duochromes.

  96. Yah.. if a nail polish companies read these comments and cared we'd have:
    an awesome holo lineup with all kinds of different colours especially black and red holos
    a wicked duochrome collection (a la nail prisms)
    a handful of jellies in unusual colours
    a flock of flakies
    a bunch of jelly glitters (a la ruby pumps/emerald sparkle)

    AND they'd have:
    all of our money

    I don't think anyone is asking for another red cream or even blue cream or shimmer for that matter. We are starving for polishes that are unexpected and bold.

  97. FLAKIES! Lotsss and lots of flakies! :D

  98. I want jellies....squishy, soft, cloudy, dreamy jellies. I want bright jellies, dark jellies, vibrant jellies, saturated jellies, glittery jellies and the regular kind too. I want them all. All the jellies.

    I want duochrome greens and blues.

    I want holos...strong, smooth, crazy, burn your eyes out holos. Like Nfu-Oh holos on crack. I want them in more colors than silver, gold, and lavender. Give me hunter green, forest green, navy blue, grey, royal purple, A TRUE BLACK. I will even take orange.

    Finally, I demand nail polish collections based on:
    A. Marvel Superheroes (this needs to happen!! Why has this not happened?!)
    B. Greek Mythology
    C. Pokemon (this badly needs to happen. BADLY. If I wasn't lazy/if I knew how to do it, I would sit down and franken this collection up my own self. Vaporeon polish? Ninetales polish? Dragonair polish?! BE STILL MY HEART.)
    D. Disney Princesses.
    E. Disney villians (I know MAC did this kind of, but they fudged it up by copying Orly. I call a do-over.)

    If someone can make all that stuff happen for me, I would die a happy woman.

  99. polishes with multi colored micro glitter, multichromes with glitter in it and as you said true holos and magnetics.

  100. I'm totally with you on the different versions of 230!! Personally, I'd love to see more glitters, linear holos (can we get a white holo FFS?!), and flakies. Also more greens like Chanel Khaki Vert and Essie Sew Psyched. I'd love to see less cremes and certainly less crackle!!

  101. Please STOP with the weak, lame, wimpy, paltry polishes!!!

    I want deeper richer vibrant and stronger HOLOS!

    Also, how about some super strong MULTICHROMES that actually show up on the nail, not just in the bottle!

    What about multichrome neons... or holo neons!! ;)

    Or neon flakies!!! Maybe they even glow in the dark!!

    And ensure they apply on the nail decently!!

    No half-a**ed polishes!! Go BIG or Go Home!!

    ... just my 2¢ worth... ;)

  102. I need more true holos in all sorts of colors. NOW.

  103. Such utterly fabulous comments. I agree with many:

    I WANT STRONG HOLOS. Most especially, a true red holo.
    Deeply-saturated flakes that give coverage at two coats.
    Lit from within pastels, that cover in two coats.

    Most collections now are BORING. No wonder I don't haunt the NB like I used to.

  104. I want more weird cremes and jellies. I don't wear glitters or shimmers nearly as much as I do cremes, but it's hard to find colors that aren't like any I already have.

  105. Magnetics- yes yes yes!

    Also, I want to see more of the "secret shimmer" polishes, like Paradoxal or even Zoya's Gemma...I like polishes that look ordinary, but when you get a little closer, make you say "Wow! WTF is going on there?"

  106. I really would like to see some swatches of the Glee for Sephora OPI collection. I have'nt seen so many reviews and when I do they are'nt that informative.

  107. Let's just hope the mattes are over and gone forever. Shit can the crackle, too. I'm digging the taupe's, blurples, weird grey-browns, white-greys, minimal glitter, slight holos, and some classic colors with a slight holo flash. Scrangie, almost any color you wear on your perfect nails would looks hot But remember, I'm a fan.

  108. Oh man. I would want a really nice brown/bronze glitter- like a light brown base with tons of bronze glitter. Unless it already exists and I can't find it.

  109. Multichromes, duochromes and seriously holographic polish!
    So many companies take the safe route, putting out colors for the mainstream. Ugh.

    As has already been said, things like the old Liquid Euphoria and Clarins 230 are really amazing. I’d love to see some seriously bling-y updates of these ideas. Someone once mentioned that they’d love a strong red/ruby to blue/sapphire type duochrome, and I love the idea of this. Is it technologically possible? The duochromes I’ve seen all seem to have pretty much the same flash, so I do wonder.

    Also, I wish that polish companies would label sheers as sheers, and make their opaque colors seriously opaque. Both polish styles have their uses, but I hate the guessing game. Without online swatches (thanks, bloggers) we’d all be buying blind, and hence, buying less polish. I’m assuming that’s not in the nail polish company’s best interests, right?

    Funky, opaque creme colors! A faded-t-shirt muted red would be a start.

  110. I would love to see CG come back with the OMG and Kaleidoscope collections, and Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure nail polish. I missed out on all those awesome collections. Boo >: (

  111. I want less vampy vampies. I feel like I have sooo many polishes that I really like, but would LOVE if they were just a bit less blackened. Just enough so the hue came thru, while still maintaining plenty of sultry darkness.

    My second wish is for more jellies. I feel like bright colors are more wearable with a little "gush" or even a touch of VNL. I love their summery feel.

    I also have a desire for chunky glitters in mixes of murky colors - gunmetal, cinnamon orange, antiqued gold, gray-green (ala RBL Diddy Mow), etc.

  112. Edgy nudes and perfect, non-streaky pastels. But especially edgy nudes (think Essie Demure Vixen or Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge). I am in love with them lately. They're so refined, and yet so cool!

  113. I fully believe that magnetic polishes will be hitting the USA soon...they get waaaay too much blog love for the big companies to not notice.

    I want a SUPER prismatic red holo! Like OPI DS Glamour or Original only red.

  114. A true Green (Christmas Green) Holo and a true black holo.

  115. Yes to more linear holos! I was so excited for the Tronica collection because I missed out on most of the OMG colors, but I realized I don't really like the scattery effect.

    Also more jellies. I love them so. And the magnet polishes - I'm dying to own some of those.

    OH AND POLISHES THAT CHANGE COLOR. Whether they're like Claire's mood polishes or the kinds that react to UV light/lack thereof like Del Sol.

  116. I'd love to see some more flakies, and matte polishes! Though, I'm not sure how that would look together...

  117. I agree with most everyone else - especially on the magnetic and holo polish front! However, a collection I would love to see re-released in its entirety is Sally Hansen's Chrome Nail Makeup line. I bought about 10 colors when it was available, but I would looove to get my hands on the other colors in the line I wasn't able to get. The mirror finish on those polishes is magical!

  118. All great ideas - I want:
    - semi precious stones - like a true lapis lazuli - rich bright blue with varied gold flecks (and a few black); tiger's eye - browns gold and black; malachite rich green; hematite grey and through in some red
    - for years wanted true metal finish
    - weird textures? I have a thing for stingray, so if polish can dry like that - it'd be insane

  119. HOLOS. like gosh holographic! After i saw you blog that I fell in love and went on a mission to find it. its still not on my shelf with my other polishes!! But i hope a new polish like it (even better if its possible?) is part of a new collection!
    I also wanna see some really good cremes, like im in love with the new opi texas collection (can you pleas blog it btw?) and some really cool glitters but not 100% glitters in a polish base not clear and just something intresting. i want to see something fresh and new that makes me faint and makes me want to cry i want it so bad (its not like i cried over gosh holographic or anything... *cough cough*

  120. my fantasy polish would be a light champagne base with blue/purple iridescence (or tiny glitters).

  121. I am wih everyone on the holos! Give me some that don't make me feel like "everyone else". I am really geting into some of the great creams out there, but more variety and good, solid coverage. SO many of the pretty colors are just too see-through even with 3 coats. I also would love to see more golds that aren't tacky-looking, or too yellow. I love gold and sparkle, but have been burned too many times with crappy polishes

  122. Now I'm lemming holos and I'm craving for strong duochromes with strange strong crazy effects as red/green or orange/blue and everything with purple, but the colors should be well separated on nails.
    Than flakies but no glitter.
    concerning collection names, I love Chaos idea about Superheroes and I add: 10 polishes on Ben10 characters (here in Italy it's a huge success, my son loves it).

  123. I will say what everyone else said: RE-RELEASE ChGs OMG &/or Kaleidoscope! I totally missed out on them. The Tronica swatches are meh at best. Overall, I want to see colors weird funky out-of-the-norm (haven't been invented yet). If it's unconventional, I want to try it!

  124. After I saw swatches of Glitter in the Air I had fantasies of the lightest sheer milky pink imaginable with pear green and lilac purple hex glitter.

    Also I wish a company could come up with a way to do a marbleized mani without the insane mess that makes me want to cry every time I try to do it.

  125. 1. Strong Linear holos in vibrant colors
    2. multichromes in vibrant colors (not just oil slick looking) A red that goes red to purple or pink or orange and yellow; blue that goes pink to purple and green and doesn't have to have black underwear.
    3. please please a 230 (Clarins 230, UD ID, OPI La Boheme) I don't love it that much. I'm just tired of the hoopla and taunting - LOL (j/k) And in other colors. A Blue and Red version... O my just imagine a green version with those tiny bits of gold orange blue and red...

  126. I love the chunky glitter polishes from Kleancolor, such as "Afternoon Picnic" and "City Never Sleeps" Those are just soooo gorgeous and totally unique! Would love to see more posts of Kleancolors!

  127. Oh, and that dog in the pic is TOO cute! Can you find him for me and send him to me?!? lol

  128. I would like a polish with texture. Some formula that transforms it self into a 3-dimentional finish. We've seen tons of crackeling polishes...why not snow flakes or snake patterns instead? Besides this...I agree..more holo.

  129. I want an UGLY collection : couple kinds of Mustard colors,rotten green,nasty yellow,diarrhea brown.Like in 70s !

    And some brightest reds ever !

  130. Holo nail polish like OMG China Glaze collections

    Metallic nail polish! China Glaze made some cool metallic and we can use it for konad too, it's the most awesome polish ever

    Magnet would be cool too, I haven't tried magnet nail polish yet

  131. Am I the only one who dislikes holos and is tired of hearing about them?

    --What I'd like to see is more polishes ala purple pizzaz, daddy's girl, etc in other colors.

    --I'd like unusual cremes, like those from strangebeautiful available to a cheaper price.

    --Sparkly polishes ala Zoya Sparkle collection in dark colors.

    --More interesting cremes with microglitter.

  132. "I agree with you regarding the magnetic nps - specifically I'd love to see a magnetic collection in jewel colors: ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, opal, a mixed rainbow jewel shade... A different magnetic shape should come on each bottle/color so if you get the whole collection you not only get all the colors but all of the shapes as well. I'd love a sparkling blue green shade to have a fish scale shaped magnet! That would look amazing!

    I love the holographic polishes that MS is doing - they're packed with fine particles and produce a dramatic linear holographic rainbow effect on the nail. I would pay more money for true holographic polishes like these because I know the price has gone up on the aluminum particles that go into these polishes. Instead of giving us "dud" collections (Tronica) at regular price why not up the price and give us great collections. Orly did it sucessfully with the Cosmic FX so it's obvious it works. Specifically, I'd love to see a neon holographic collection - a true neon red holographic shade, a neon day-glow grass green holographic shade, a neon cobalt blue holographic shade, etc...

    In cremes I'd love to see more intensity in pigments - Illamasqua Jo'Mina is a great example. The shade is not so much "bright" as it is vibrant and intense. Nora's winning inspiration for RBL is also an example of what I want. I love how she stressed that "it should never look black".

    I'd love to see duochromes and multichromes on par with the choice Ozotics - dramatic, obvious color shifts (not ones we have to look really hard for). I'd love to see a collection of vibrant duochromes in complimentary colors without any dulling of either shade; like a true purple/yellow-gold duochrome (like a jewel set in gold) or a rich medium blue-green/vibrant red-orange duochrome (like fire burning in water). The plates should lay on the nail so that the color change is akin to switching a light off and on - a dramatic color shift.

    I have some polishes from the German brand p2 that have the best qualities of both a jelly and a cream in one polish - basically a jelly that doesn't leave VNL, see-through yet opaque. Very hard to describe but p2 has done it! The formula is amazing and I'd love to see it explored more.

    The Milani One Coat Glitters (2 coats really) were fantastic and I'd love to see more dimensional glitters like these. I want glitters with extreme depth, if possible with glossy finishes instead of sandpaper ones. More uniquely mixed glitters like Amour Rain Glitter would be great. For large particle glitter, the new Kleancolor shades look promising. I'd love to see a fish scale shaped glitter that laid on the nail just like fish scales! The fish scale glitter polish should be monochromatic with subtle varying shades to add more depth. I guess my head is swimming *no pun intended!* with polish ideas! I've gone on and on! XD I guess I think about polish a lot!"

    Yeah...that is one long "comment"!

  133. I loved Miliani's 3D polishes and now they have discontinued them. I was so hoping they would make more in more colors. I mean how awesome would a red have been in those? Or an orange? Or darker shades of etc? I just don't understand why they didn't do more!

    More in your face dramatic holos.

    More flakies.

    More dramatic duo chrome shimmers. I'm not really a big fan of duochromes w/o shimmer. I'd really like to see them flash some interesting colors if possible.

    I'm sick of seeing so many 'safe' colors lately. If lines want to make those, fine... but every once in a while, give something to rest of us who want something more dramatic and fun.

    I'd love to see fun dense glitter combos too (it's always like okay here's a glitter but it is one shade, live with it)

    I think neons that actually have awesome coverage in like 2 coats would be fun too... neon glitters... neon holos.

  134. GLITTERS, but with different shapes. lets mix it up with some squares, triangles, circles - it's not all about hexagons.

    and forget the pink , red , purple. it's been DONE. Lets have some glitters in grey, bronze, black & navy.

  135. Holos! Holos! Holos! Pigmented Holos, please!

  136. Single color chunky glitter in a clear base with no microglitter, Like if you could buy Milani Gems in pink. Or green. Or blue. With no silver in there and no holo. This would be so fun for layering!

    And oh yes flakies! I don't think I'll ever find SH Hidden Treasure :(

    The most beautiful thing I've put on my nails in quite some time is China Glaze Ick-A-Body - orange glitter in a murky green base - sounds gross but amazing on the nail. I would love to see more companies do interesting combos like this.

    And I LERVS you blog. Totally. I check it every day but this is my first post.

  137. totally agree, I find the new collections this season pretty boring, especially from OPI and Essie. Which is disappointing since I love their polishes a lot! The lack of creativity actually made me switch to other brands like China Glaze and MAC.

    I would like to see more creative finishes rather than colors, since all you can play with colors is to create different shades, but you can have so much more with finishes.

    I think the crackle stuff has become cliche. More holos, hexagonal glitters, magnetic, or mood-changing polishes would be nice. The only mood-changing polish I know of is from claire's and it has always been a "kiddy" thing. why not make a collection for grown ups?

    hope the polish makers do actually take in our suggestions! :)

  138. I AGREE!!! Definitely more magnetic nail polishes! Holos + flakies in a wider range of shades and some more interesting top coats a la Creative Colour style.


  139. Flakies Polish on color base and not only with exagolal, other flake shapes, like stars, stripes, hearts, paws, triangle, squares

    More dark shades with flakies. More brown and greens.

    and other finishing, plastic, matte, suede, tri-chrome.

    I am not so a holo fan, because in the end is still a glitter.

    You don't whant to make a survey on this blog?
    Thank you

  140. I'd like either a re-release of the China Glaze OMG-Collection or new holos. I don't own a holo yet since they are so hard to come by since the OMG is discontinued. I'd especially love to have QT, OMG and LOL - aren't they just lovely?

    Also: more duochromes!

    Plus I think there a very little turquoise/teal colors out there and for me personally, there can never be too much purple polishes.

  141. Duochromes in funky colors!!
    I want like a true solid gray. Oh! And a better matte topcoat!

  142. Holos in all colors of the rainbow.
    More jellies.
    More flakies.
    More glass-flecked glitter.
    Interesting glitters... kind of like CC Covered in Diamonds or Hard Candy Break Up.

  143. I know there have been some near-dupes recently, but Urban Decay, if you're reading this: Please bring back Bruise!!!! :P

  144. woooow that's a lot of comments! omg.
    uh, what I wish for ... some really good holo's, like china glaze OMG (linear holo) or kaleidoscope (scattered, but definitely there holo) ... and I would love a black holo (nfu.oh has one, but I can't get my hands on it) and some dark blue and medium blue holos, not only those light pastel colors.
    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my pastel holos, but I would like some darker colors, like the OPI DS series, only in a big3free or big4free formula.

    I would also appreciate different duochromes like the discontinued sally hansen nail prisms, like "turquoise opal" or "garnet lapis" or "amber ruby", you know, really noticable color changes, not just a hue.

    personally, I'm totally in love with everything grayed out, my love started in 2008 with OPI's "parlez-vous opi", the first grayed out purple that I knew of and my love for them has lasted ever since.
    Also for all those mushroom-taupe-grunge colors, I must own at least 20 polishes of them, each just a shade lighter/darker/purpler/nuder/grayer than the other, and I love them all.

    Personally I'm a big lover of all cremes and shimmers, glitters not so much. I know about the alufoil-method, but I still don't like removing them.

    I like all color-changing effects, no matter if duochrome or holo or temperature or sunlight is involved.

  145. I would LOVE for the OMG! collection to be re-released. I didn't really get into polish until after that. I LOVE HOLOS!!!!! I want a holo polish in every color of the rainbow.

  146. I want wicked good duochromes, magnet polishes that are readily available in the US, and polishes that have hot pink microglitter...alot of it. woot!

  147. I would prefer to see more duochromes and multichromes. Also more flakies like Hidden Treasure. AND more variety of colors in the crackle category,like brown,gold,a darker green than Crushed Candy,etc,and preferably not matte crackle.

  148. I agree with everything you said and add FLAKIES! And more mixed/odd finishes. I like how Orly changed it up a bit with Space Cadet and such. We need more unique finishes for sure.

  149. I totally agree with you about being bored with what's presented to us. I keep looking at new collections thinking "I just saw this in (insert company's name) collection!" It's boring and I've stopped buying when items aren't unique because guaranteed I already have it at home.

    It's so hard to give advice about what I'm looking for though. Personally I'm drawn to new colors I haven't seen before. I love when artists create new colors on the fly for the runway - this usually results in to die for colors that leave me salivating when they're not for sale!

    I appreciate designers who are constantly inventing trends by giving us innovative products (and I'm talking about more than just adding a pretty shimmer to last season's popular colors.) I want a color that will make someone stop and go "That's unique. Where did you get it?"

    To designers: Take some risks and put effort into new collections and I WILL part with my money.

  150. I completely agree with what you said, plus (cheaper) flakies. I'm all about the special effects!
    Oh, and I'm waiting impatiently for Blue Cross to bring back all the Liquid Euphoria polishes - I totally missed out the first time around. (:P)

  151. Dear NP gods -

    No.More.Taupes!!!! How many taupes do we need?! And dusty grayed-out purples...oh, and crackles too! Just please, STOP!!!

  152. Well said! I couldn't agree more, I haven't bought much lately, not because I don't want to, but because everything is soooo similar. I'd love to see some of the bigger companies go out on a limb...

  153. nail polish that has a jelly finish or more flakies ..I want to see a pretty yellow-orange kinda color.

  154. Actually I'm pretty happy about dupes, since I live in Europe, and shopping costs from USA are expensive (and in Italy custom is very very very a pain in the ass), so it's more simple to me own some shades I like when more brands product them. :)
    By the way, I would MORE FLAKIES AND HOLOS!
    But... No holo microglitters (I have fairy dust, so I can put it over each creamy polish to have the same result as holo glitters) but real holos, like Nfu.Oh polishes! Holos that make people stare at my nails everywhere! XD
    I would more DUSTY COLORS, too, like mustard, for example... I've found it only fro Barielle catalog... :/

  155. i've got nubar reclaim, but i'd still love to see more green holos! stronger nfu-oh style holos! in all different shades of green, especially emerald and dark teal *drools*

    flakies by main stream nail polish companies too please!! nfu oh is simply too inaccessible, which is a pity cos they're made of pure awesome ):

    hmmm what else. green jellies? green glitters? green HOLO glitters? green foil!!!

    green ftw :D

  156. I would like to see any frosts/shimmers, blacks, and blues (any cool colors really).

  157. I don't know what I'd like to see, just something different. I have totally slowed down in buying polish because not much excites me lately.

  158. My favourites are holos (good ones) and multi-chromes. And blues and purples. :)

  159. I'd prefer to see a really RED holo :)

    Flakies are also welcome :D

  160. More EDGY colours! Not something loud and screamy covered in glitter to make it seem more interesting that ultimately just comes from the basic colour wheel - I'm BORED with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple... I want more smudgy chic colours that aren't derivative or dupey. Yes, the world has enough purple-based greige nail colours, but where are the rest of the dirty-elegant colours?

  161. I'd love to see more dirty/dusty colours with glitter in contrasting colours. Like Barielle June Bug for instance. Also, more jellies in new colours!

  162. I've been hoarding holos like nobody's bidnez lately, but the #1 nail polish wish is for an oilslick polish. It was even my fan submission to RBL. Basically, a deep charcoal base with secret silver shimmer with a pink, blue, orange, and green multichrome.

  163. I want colored base coats. How much easier would layering be if I could use a black base coat instead of a clear base coat and 2 coats of black cream? Is it chemically impossible to make a good base coat with pigment in it? Hmmm... I just can't stop thinking how much quicker I could finish my manicure if there were colored base coats to use with jellies, glitters and effect polishes (like the CND effects).

    And speaking of the CND effects, why aren't there any duochrome effects? Avon used to make a duochrome effect-type polish back in the '90's when everything duochrome was all the rage in makeup. I have never seen another company come out with a similar polish.

    My other "why has no one done this yet?" is a Mardi Gras collection. Yeah, Misa came out with one - but the colors are all cremes and to me Mardi Gras should be all about the metallics and glitters, not a bunch of blah cremes.

  164. Me? I'm always interested in dark colors: blue, green, red, black, etc... I'm not a fan of pastels *yuck* or lighter colors....

  165. I want to see stuff like the old Street Wear glitters, Urban Decay duchormatic glitters, Liquid Euphoria duchromes, Clarins 230, and more linear holos

  166. In north American stores I would love to see Sally Hansen release a flakie like hidden treasure and a exact copy of old skool Nail Prisms in Diamond - a silver holographic polish but in the X-treme Wear line - and make it CORE!!!!! 4-evr!

  167. 1. Mood/color change nail polish
    2. Holos (like Chanel and Nfu Oh)
    3. Prisms
    4. Flakies
    5. Duochrome
    6. Crackles
    (new colors and combos would be nice)

  168. I wish more lines would take color clubs approach. No need to splurge and do 12 different holos in one collection..they were great in the past..but why not do collections with one or two holos? Like
    wild at heart or the femme fatal collection from color club?? Then the collections wouldnt be so spendy to the company making them......or us polish junkies that will buy the entire collection the second " holo" is mentioned.....just a though.

  169. Hello!! I've been a long time follower of your blog but have never posted. I don't know all of the lingo but I wish someone would come out with a deep rich, mustardy/butterscotch yellow in a creme finish. No sparkles or irredescent glitter. Something I could wear to (corporate) work as a subtle pop of color with a gray or black suit. I currently am wearing Essie Mesmerize and have gotten many compliments. I would like that same finish. The 'IT' color by OPI is just too bright. Hopefully maybe for Fall? *crosses fingers*

  170. Also I wish OPI would bring back Parlez-Vous OPI. It was the PERFECT shade of lavender and perfect for Spring!!

  171. I would really like a good collection of subtle work appropriate shades, colours along the lines of OPI dulce de leche. I know OPI does its soft shades collections but they are always way to pale for me and make my hands look dead :(

  172. I want dark holos *drools* and 230 esque multichromes! *drools some more*
    I agree with Claire, a collections full of less pale but still work appropriate colors would be great as well :D


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