Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clarins 230 crappy pictures.

Since I'm in a nails mood right now, I thought I'd post a few pics of one of my favorite colors. Clarins 230.

It's this translucent glossy purple with a green duochrome and gorgeous red/orange/amber/yellow shimmer that just comes to life when light hits it. It definitely needs three or more coats (my pictures are three coats with Poshe on top), but it's worth it. I found it extremely difficult to capture on film, but it's obviously because I'm a crap photographer.


No flash:

I think I need to take photography lessons. There HAS to be a way to catch this stunning color on camera, and I'm determined to do it. Oh well. There you have it, Clarins 230.


  1. Hey Scrangie, I have this colour too and it's SO stunning! I usually layer a couple of coats over a creme purple like OPI Can You Dig It to bring the colour out and it sparkles like crazy. I rarely use it because it's almost too pretty to use up! I just take it out of the box and gaze at it under the light sometimes... ;) Hope you don't mind the comment on an old post - I'm working my way through your archives :)

  2. Hi Evie!
    This is truly an amazing color- there need to be more colors like it. Thanks for the suggestion, that sounds like an awesome layering combination! I think I'll try that soon! I don't mind at all, I love comments! :D


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