Thursday, January 17, 2008

Makeup Doppelganger. Zoya and Seche Vite don't play well together.

First things first, for all you googlers, as far as I know, the entire Sephora Indulgences line has been DISCONTINUED. Very sad, especially since I really loved the Vanilla Frosting scent. The new Sephora bath and body line is okay, and I'd recommend the Coconut Almond scent, it's somewhat similar. The Creme Brulee is kinda funny, very similar to the also discontinued Bath and Body Works Tutti Dolci Creme Brulee scent.

With that aside, I have to share my excitement. I think I met my doppelganger! It was weird. She works at Home Depot (even weirder.)

While she wasn't quite my identical twin, she had the same haircut as I do, and was wearing black (or some variation of black) nail polish- and get this- the same makeup I was wearing. I was in the checkout and she says "I like your makeup!" and I looked up (she was almost a foot taller than me) and noticed hers. It looked like Urban Decay Blunt and Gash. I was wearing Blunt and Gash, with Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder (02) and a few other things .... It was so weird. Sure, she didn't really blend it at all, but the sheer fact that she was wearing it nearly made me pee my pants.

So, there's my story for the day.

Also, I've been having a problem with my Seche Vite! I think something may have gotten into it. Now when I apply it over wet polish like I usually do, it scrunches up and looks squiggly and becomes cloudy white. It seems to only happen with Zoya. It never did this before. I used it over Zoya Casey and Nocti Flying Naked. It happened once on my toes with Yasmeen, but I thought it was a fluke. Does this happen to anyone else?

I got sick of trying to make the Zoya/Nocti/Seche Vite manicures work, so I'm wearing OPI Who Are You Wearing. In the bottle I thought they gave me a mislabeled bottle of Russian Navy or OPI Ink!, but once it's on your nails and dry it looks like a blackened purple. Really pretty, but not as interesting as Ink. After using Zoya and Essie for my last manicures, I now realize how superior OPI is. It dried in absolutely no time at all (under 5 minutes with Seche Vite and Qtica Half Time), it's rock hard and shiny as glass, went on smoothly and was completely opaque in two coats. It's a shame they raised the price by a whole dollar.

I also have the entire China Glaze OMG collection (sans Wireless, because it was out of stock =( ) on the way... I can't wait to try it. I freaking love those holographic polishes. I have the whole Kaleidoscope collection and most of the OPI Designer Series. Having holographic nails is very distracting.

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