Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Textured Polish Collection Swatches and Review

Flashback to earlier this year: Textured polishes.  Textured polishes EVERYWHERE.  So many textured polishes.  Not many of them catching my interest.  Okay, lumpy nail polish, it's different, kinda cool, not really my favorite, it'll pass soon.  But textured glitters?  Ones that look like sparkling, sugar-coated little gumdrops on your nails?  Oh yeah.  Now I'm paying attention.

 Nicole by OPI A-Nise Treat

 Nicole by OPI Blue-Berry Sweet On You

 Nicole by OPI Candy is Dandy

 Nicole by OPI Cinna-man of my Dreams 

 Nicole by OPI Lilac Gumdrops

 Nicole by OPI My Cherry Amour

These can be worn with topcoat, but it negates the gumdrop-textured finish:

A-Nise Treat with topcoat

Cinna-Man of my Dreams with topcoat

The formula on these is perfect.  Good texture, great coverage, very easy application, no running or clumping.  Very fast dry time as well.  This is three coats of each, but most of the colors looked exactly the same at two coats.  Blue-Berry Sweet On You was the only one that I felt needed the third coat.  Since these are glitters and have added grit, they need, at the very least, three coats of topcoat if you want to cancel out the textured finish and wear them like a regular glitter polish.

My favorite from this collection was Candy is Dandy.  The candy pink shade paired with the sugary-looking glitter (accented with a little bit of hologram glitter!) really drives home that sugary gumdrop theme.  Cinna-man of my Dreams was nice because of the multi-color glitter, but it didn't immediately make me think of gumdrops. 

(samples provided for review)


  1. Cinna-Man of my Dreams looks gorgeous! <3

  2. Beautiful swatches! Cinna-Man of My Dreams is my favorite.

  3. Nice swatches. Cinna man of my dreams looks hot.

  4. I like the pink and red. both fun!

  5. Your swatches always blow my mind! Do you use a dslr camera?

    1. Really?? Awe!! Thank you! I do, I use a T3i.

    2. thanks for replying :D i need to bite the bullet and get one i think.

    3. No prob! That was an easy one to answer, hehehe. There are things I love about it, but also things I liked better about the old G5 that I used to use. I might be in the minority here, but I don't think that a DSLR is necessarily superior for swatches.

  6. Love these!!! I have several of the Gumdrops. I prefer the glittery textures to the creamy ones..

  7. I bought a lot of this collection I love them !

  8. Candy is Dandy and Cinna-Man might be the ones that finally push me to buy textured polishes.. beautiful!


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