Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Milani Limited Edition Jewel FX Glitter Topcoat in Carnival Swatch and Review

This is a trend that I'm happy to see has caught on with drugstore brands- black and white glitter topcoats.  Not sparkly glitter, but matte, solid color glitter.  They're really cool and there's quite a few of them out right now, but here's one I picked up recently:

Milani Jewel FX Topcoat in Carnival
(one coat over hot pink creme)
Black bar glitter, medium black hex glitter and extra large pearl white hex glitter in a clear base.

It is one of those pain-in-the-butt-to-apply giant glitters, but it's not too bad because the clear base isn't gooey and it self-levels somewhat.  To apply this, I dipped my brush until I had a good amount of glitter, and then patted it on my nail until I liked how the glitter was distributed.  It dried quickly on its own and all the glitter seems to sit nice and flat (no taco glitter).  I used a coat of Seche Vite to eliminate any leftover texture.  Would make a good jelly sandwich polish.

This one is part of the Fantastical Plumage collection, but Milani also released a sister collection called Retro Glam with its own black and white spotted glitter topcoat.  Both collections are limited edition but still available online at  I got mine at Meijer and the displays are still hanging around, so it shouldn't be too hard to find yet.


  1. Love it, perfect nail! :)

  2. I love black and white glitter! So glad it seems to be catching on now. Wheee!

  3. I really love the white and black glitter trend and can't get enough of them! However this one I'll definitely skip, it seems to be a perfect dupe of China Glaze - Whirled Away, same type of glitter and the same sizes and spreading of everything. And that one I already got..

  4. круто!!

  5. I like this, like it a lot :)

  6. Interesting such a the top, it will look beautiful on any color!

  7. My favorite of all topper glitters!


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