Monday, August 26, 2013

a england Briar Rose / Sleeping Beauty Swatches and Review

a england Briar Rose / Sleeping Beauty from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection.
(press sample)
 A cranbery-rose scattered holo.  Has a milky, dusty, faded sort of look to it.  The holographic effect is not strong, but it adds to the dusty-dreamy look of the polish.

The formula on this was great.  Not goopy and dragging, not thin and runny.  Applies like a dense creme polish.  Great coverage.  I used two coats and it was completely opaque.  Fast dry time.  Very, very durable, even without topcoat.

I feel like this is a perfect fit with the theme.  Not only is it a very fairytale type of color, but the color and finish, with that dusty, antique sort of haze to it, really goes well with the feeling that Edward Burne-Jones painting gives off.

Edward Coley Burne-Jones, The Sleeping Beauty from the small Briar Rose series, Museo de Arte de Ponce

The entire Burne-Jones Dream collection, including Briar Rose / Sleeping Beauty, can be purchased here. If you'd prefer to order from within the US, it's also carried at Ninja Polish.

(sample sent for review)


  1. I wish I could put on polish as flawless as you do! Pretty color.

  2. Gorgeous shade and I love the holo shimmer effect

  3. What a beautiful colour! I have bought Briarwood, but this one is my next purchase!

  4. Beautiful! Could you compare it to Orly's Miss Conduct? thx

  5. Fantastis, I like this colour!:)

    Kisses from Poladn:)
    My nails:

  6. beautiful! I like this effect :)

  7. I have a color just like that, but with less od a diamond effect, alas. Lovely romantic shade.

  8. So pretty. I've just ordered a couple of a england polishes, as every one I have seen swatched has been gorgeous. Can't wait for them to arrive!

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  10. I ordered this and another shade and absolutely loved both when they arrived. But.... they chip like mad on me. I always use a good base and top coat but these two just won't stay on. It's that annoying 'for no good reason' chipping, as well, when you don't recall catching or bashing a nail but look down and there's your chip. A BIG chip. I'm disappointed as I do love them, so much so that I immediately ordered another two shades which have yet to arrive but then found myself repainting three nails within the first 24hours of wear. I so want them to stay on!


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