Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Curious- Favorite Items?

It seems like winter is finally starting to disappear.... *whew*

I've noticed that during my little break from swatching, I keep reaching for the same products. Even when I have lots of options available to me, these things keep me coming back for more.

What I'm currently loving:
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream. This is something that I always use until something new and shiny comes along and I forget all about it, but then once I use it again I wonder why I ever used anything else. It totally fixes dry hands the first time I use it, even in the winter when my hands get all scratchy and nasty.

Nubar Violet Sparkle polish. I can't get enough. It's so perfect. It's at the top of my favorites list right now and every time I look at it I fall deeper in love with it. At this rate, I'll finish my bottle before summer! Must get a backup.

Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream. Compared to all my other hair serum type products, this one makes my hair the shinest and softest. I'm not crazy about the smell, but the end result outweighs that. And I just noticed that they changed the packaging... I hope they didn't reformulate or something.

Zoya Remove+. I don't use Remove+ when I'm swatching because it's too nice and I don't want to waste it. But for normal manicures, I could use this for the rest of my life and be happy. My nails and cuticles actually look better after I use this (my regular swatching remover doesn't do that!) and it works FAST, especially on glitter. And it smells amazing. I want a 50 gallon drum of this stuff. I don't normally throw around the word 'best' (I believe 'best' is in the eye of the beholder), but yeah, this stuff is the best remover I've ever used, hands down.

So that's what I'm currently obsessed with, and now I'm curious (and always looking for something new and awesome to shop for *cough* obsessed *cough*).... What are your current favorite items? Doesn't have to be nail stuff. I'd like to hear!

And I have a lot to catch up on now. Can't say for sure I'm ready to be back swatching/blogging at 100% yet, but I do have a few things I want to post (including a couple new collections!)

Thanks for all the well wishes and kind words <3


  1. Yea! Glad you are back. Hope you enjoyed your break. I am currently using the Biolage Delicate Care shampoo and it rocks.

  2. My Favorite thing overall is Philosophy's Hot Salt Scrubs..they are wonderful and when rubbed on the skin they give off a fabulous warming sensation! When I use this I feel shiny and new! :)

  3. Right now I am very happy with my body butter and oils from Wicked Soaps. It's home made bath products minus the yucky chemicals most bath products have in them.
    I can't wait to try the charcoal face mask and wash.

    This is not spam! I linked it because it's not found in the drug store.
    Welcome back, Scrangie.

  4. My daily stand-bys are Body Shop's body butter (right now in coconut) and Aveda hair products (I use like 5 of them every day). They smell awesome!

    My fave lipstick is one I just got: Chanel Coco Rouge in Camelia.

  5. Nail polish wise I'm in love with La Girls Rockstar "Punk". Blue duochrome and glitter = addiction.
    As for random products the Bath and Bodyworks mint chapstick I got last year. Works, smells good and makes my lips feel minty fresh. Even the boy likes it.
    Oh, and my soaps from kimberquinn on etsy! Good lather and great smells!

  6. So happy to see your new post! Can't wait for the new collection swatches!

    I went through this skincare addiction phase, where I blew hundreds of dollars on skincare. I ended up loving Mario Badescu products. Now I'm going through a nail polish and hair care phase. Can't get enough of Kerastase!

  7. Hello, It's so nice to you around. I keep reaching for Badger balm for for my hands. I love this balm,all natural ingredients. You can find it at I can't seem to wear enough of Emerald Sparkle (the good one) this winter season. And I'm completely in love with NP Set cosmetics eye shadows right now. They're found in Target,or at their website My new shampoo love is Yes To Carrots. I didn't think I'd like it,but boy was I wrong. It really cleans my hair without drying it out,and smells good too. Take care!

  8. Definitely jojoba oil! I use it non-stop as a makeup remover, face cream, hair product... Just name it :)

  9. so glad to see you back to posting :)

  10. Hello,it's so nice to see you around. My favorite hand balm is Badger balm,all natural ingredients. I'm completely in love with Yes to Carrots shampoo right now. Love how this stuff cleans,yet doesn't dry my hair out. NP Set Cosmetics are my favorite eye shadows these days. They can be found at Target or on line at and last but not least,I can't seem to wear enough of Emerald Sparkle (the good one). I'll have to check out some of the products you mentioned. I'm always on the look out for anything that another beauty lover loves.

  11. welcome back , have you ever tried mango mend sallys carries it its very good too. we miss ya kiddo

  12. Hi Scrangie! I am glad you are feeling up to posting, and I do appreciate any topic you want to post.

    I love Neutrogena hand cream, and I also love the Body Shop hemp hand cream, which is not as greasy, and great for daily use. Origins ginger body cream is wonderful and smells yummy. Any MAC lipstick is tops in my books...I collect lipstick too :). I am having hair issues right now, and will probably be switching for polish, I just put on Zoya Rea, and as always, I forget how much I like the foil finish.

    I look forward to any posts whenever you are up to it!!

  13. Good to see your new post! :)
    I'm currently in love with TokyoMilk stuff, especially the lip balm in Iced Green Tea.

  14. Glad to have you back, your blog is my "go to" for swatches before purchase!
    I can't live without "Wen" hair care, though I am forced to do so for a few months. :( :( For my curly, frizz prone hair it is the absolute BEST product I have ever used.
    Aveeno Skin care is my go to, I mix and match a custom set to my skin and I am thrilled to have such an inexpensive yet highly effective regime to keep my face looking fresh and clear.
    I want to try Zoya + but am currently using OPI Expert Touch and am wondering if they are comparable.
    Could not live without my Seche Vite!

  15. Does Zoya Remove have acetone in it?

  16. My current favorite item is Skin Food Mushroom Blemish Balm Cream. I can't go outside the house without put some BB cream on my face! It makes my skin look flawless and waterproof, too! Looove it!

    Anyway, Glad you are back! :D

  17. I'm glad you're back:). My absolute favorite nail-related product is Cuccio Naturalé's Pomegranate and Fig cuticle revitalizer. I just love the scent. And I LOVE the shampoo bars from chagrinvalley, and LUSH's Business Time massage bar:).

  18. Hoping you're feeling tip-top soon! :) My current obsession is Soap & Glory products, icecream and my surgery scar (will it EVER heal??), and some of your old swatches, of things I will never own and admire from afar!

  19. So glad that you're back! My obsessions are Kerastase hair products (so expensive but so worth it!) and Lubriderm (the pink one) for my hands and body. I also just got CND Solar Oil and am loving it as well!

  20. You know, my wallet is sooo glad you're taking a break. I am, too, because it's just really easy to forget that bloggers are people and really do need time away from the place that identifies them. :)

    That said, favorite products...
    1. Philosophy Purity: I just love the way my face feels after I use it. I've used this wash exclusively for about one and a half years now and it has never dried me out or left me splotchy in terms of cleaning. So gentle.

    2. Barielle Hydrating Ridge-Filler: solves the ridgy problem, every time! :)

    3. Zoya Remove+, for all the reasons you'd already listed. Looove iiit.

    4. Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine. I don't know what it does, or why it does it, but it just makes my hair Better. And a little lasts for ages.

    :) I hope you come back soon! We miss you!

  21. I ALWAYS use this items:
    * Nailtek Foundation II
    * Essence nail polish remover (acetone free)

    There aren't any other products I ''have'' to use.

  22. Good to have you back again. My current obsessions are: - Lola Rose big rings (amazing over sized rings in semi precious stones - my newest bright pink quartz ring is a bit of a bobby dazzler), Zoya Adina; Fresh fig & apricot perfume and dried cherries in chocolate which you can't buy anywhere in the UK but a US colleague brought recently and got me hooked on.

  23. I'm a huge fan of Avon's Moisture Therapy Intensive Treatment hand cream. It is SO moisturizing! And the best thing is that Avon has sales so frequently that you can get the big tube for as little as $2.

  24. I'm happy to see you here, again! ^.^ I hope you had some great "me time".

  25. I style my hair like crazy and I love this powder called Dust-It. I could give myself a fro with this( curls won't even stay in my hair.) I love this stuff. =]

  26. YAY! You're BACK!!!!!
    I'm glad you posted this. I'm having trouble because my cuticles get dry, but all the cuticle creams and oils seem to have nut oils (to which I'm allergic :() I agree, Zoya Remove + is THE best remover.ever.period. I buy it in the huge bottles, and pour it into the "big flipper" as they call the little doohickey the 8 oz comes in.

  27. I'm glad you're feeling much better!!

    My list of obsessions at the moment:

    -Victoria's Secret neon swim suits- (weird I know) but I just lost about 20 pounds since last summer and needed new suits and I fell in love with the neon binikis (twisted tube bandeau top w/ detachable halter strap and bow tie bottoms)and so I got the neon pink, neon coral, and neon turquoise ones.. blue this crazy cool bright ungle green bikini w/metallic green/gold leopard spots all over it (I need to find dupe colors so I can wear my leopard Konad mani to match all summer long =D )

    - Turquoise/Teal/Ocean Blue nail polish: I'm so ready for summer to get here I want my nails to look like it's summer already.. currently I have on the most amazing water marble mani I've ever done with Orly Gumdrop as the base and OPI Sea? I Told You!, Zoya Akyra, and Island Girl Waikiki Surf swriled together and then Pure Ice Heart Brekher and Nfu Oh 56 (I believe) on top.. it looks like ocean water swirling about to me.. I love it!

    -Playing my ukelele- I got it for Xmas and I'm always excited to discover new songs that I want to (try to) learn how to play on it!

    -Dove moisturizing serum conditioner- I'm usually a blond but went dark brunette (which is now faded to light brown) in December and it killed my hair so I think this conditioner is helping my hair not break so bad.

    Sorry that was so long but I'm glad you're back and I hope that all is going well and that you're getting plenty of R&R!

  28. Welcome back, Scrangie! :D I sure missed your posts. My personal favourites this month are Neutrogena hand balm (I cannot begin to explain how this thingie saves my hand skin), 100% pure coconut oil for my cuticles (especially now, that i bought a very lame polish remover that really dries them), Indolas Thermal Protector Smooth and Osis Magic for my hair and Body Shop's Raspberry body butter. Oh, when it comes to nail polish - Zoya Raven, O.P.I. Kangarooby, Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas. Gotta love them.

  29. I am loving evanhealy skincare stuff- especially the blue chamomile hydrosol. It instantly hydrates my skin. Also loving Alima mineral foundation. It doesn't dry out my skin or make it itchy. For hair, I'm loving a bit of coconut oil at night, just on the length. It helps to avoid static! Good to see you back, I've missed your pretty pretty nails!

  30. Hi Scrangie: So glad to see a post from you, but also hope that you're taking care of yourself. My favorite product lately has been Lansinoh cream for lips and cuticles. My favorite new discovery has been Nfu Oh #569 (and hoping to see your comparison to Zulu).

    Marsha S. (heisey123 on MUA)

  31. hi Scrangie, I am so glad you are back! I have developed a polish obsession. I keep lemming all of these beautiful nail polish blogs,especially yours,and love your swatches.

  32. Yaaay you're alive! *hugs* My new favorite things include Nfu Oh #51 (finally got it today!) and those little Essence polishes (too cute!). Old standbys include SH Cuticle Massage Cream, SV, Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara, and Sudz by Kiss My Face Sports Complex body wash - surely this is what heaven smells like! Oh, and speaking of scents, Yankee Candle has brought back one of my all-time faves, Storm Watch! Yay!

  33. Hey there! Glad to see you posting again.

    I hear ya on the Fekkai stuff. I love the shea shampoo and conditioner, but wonder if the whole line is being revamped? Seriously, I hope not.

    Lately I'm liking an eye cream duo (day/night) by Boots. They both seem good and are packaged in one little doodad so day and night doses are handy. Even I can't lose this one.

    I'm also liking the CND hand care stuff, scrubs, creams, lotions, oils, etc. I agree that the Neutrogena's a nice standby,though, when my wandering eye settles down.

  34. I'm glad you stopped by :)
    I agree, I have so many polishes and make-up but always end up wearing the same old stuff. I still buy new stuff though!

  35. So nice to see you posting again, and i'm looking forward to everything you want to share with us.

    I have several Blistex MedPlus Lipbalms ( by the bed, the couch, at work, in my purse ) for my poor lips who absolutely can't stand the winter. When I use anything else they hurt as hell. Somebody make this Winter end soon.

  36. Yay so happy you're back (or at least present)! I was starting to worry. Be well!

  37. I'm just delurking to say how happy I am to have you back. I've read a lot of nail blogs over the past few years, and yours has always been my favourite. Scrangie for the win!

    Lately I've been obsessed with L'Artisan Premier Figiuer Extreme perfume. The creamy fig scent just makes me so happy... it's like the grey days of winter never happened. :)

  38. Glad to see you post!

    I am currently obsessed with frankening and building my NP stash.
    Oh, and my new glass file (NailTek crystal file). Worth every penny I spent on it!

    Hair-wise, can't live without Fudge putty. My curls love it.

    all the best to you!
    (NanRx on the NB)

  39. i'm glad you are back!!!!

    i'm obsessed with bliss high intensity hand cream, ginger+liz (every single polish) and tom binns alice in wonderland jewellery collection!

  40. Right now I am loving Barielle Manicure Extender and Barielle Protective Hand Cream! This is the only hand cream that has ever had any (positive) effect on my cuticles! One night with this stuff and gloves and all my ragged and gross skin was gone :) Of course... I buy both at Tj Maxx... too cheap for full price Barielle!

    Also I am loving the American Apparel polish!

  41. I keep buying taupe polishes but refuse to wear them until winter because they don't feel like summer colours.

    As soon as uni goes back every year, without fail, my rice cracker binging begins again. You know those coloured crunchy rectangles with seaweed on them - yeh, I have to limit myself to 2 packs a week for the sake of my budget.

    Creme polish - even though I try to change it up and do some glitters and shimmers (which I do really like), if I am doing a mani I'm not going to post about, it is ALWAYS a purple creme. I just LOVE them.

  42. <3

    Hrmm. Stuff I keep going back to.

    Garnier Caffiene Eye Roll On
    Smashbox Photo Finish
    Fudge Dynamite
    Orly In A Snap <3 <3 <3
    China Glaze Atlantis

  43. YAY, Scrangie, glad you are back!
    Well, some of my favourites:
    - Revlon extra life no chip top coat
    - Nivea Age Control Hand Cream
    - Weleda Arnica Massage Oil
    - Weleda Clove and Neem cuticle oil
    - LA Girls Rockstar "Groupie"

  44. So glad that you're feeling a bit better! Some of my very favorite items include:

    Kiehl's Vanilla Perfume Oil - Sooooo yummy!
    EOS lipbalm
    Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardeners Hand Cream
    Gummi worms!
    Diorshow Mascara - makes my stubby lashes look so luxurious
    Decaf Vanilla Spice Chai tea
    LOST - not really an item, but it is a favorite
    Living Dead Dolls - LOVE them! I have the Alice in Wonderland set on order
    Jonathan Redo - I use it on my hair & skin both
    Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Fairy Teal polish - Got this last month and can't get enough of it!

    I'm anxious to see your new posts - when you're ready. Be well!

  45. Hi Scrangie! Glad to see you back at it.

    Im with you I LOVE Remove....but I just for some reason cant get over the price and when I do have some....I use it so sparingly, its ridiculous....I do love it though. I usually wait around for the sample bottles I get from Zoya and some np sellers. I am also a huge fan of the Fekkai Glosshing creme...its HG for me too.

    Some things that I really love right now:

    1. Smooth N Shine Gellation hairgel. Non sticky, no alcohol gel that is FABULOUS for "dont have time to do my hair throw it in a ponytail" days....when you still want to have a nice smooth look...with no sticky, icky-ness.

    2. Eucerin Q10 creme for sensitive skin- This is a face cream that comes in a small jar. I dont like the jar part, but this stuff is rich, creamy, highly emollient (NOT greasy) and smells so wonderfully that I can't wait to put it on everyday!. And I can put my HG Neutrogena spf 30 facial sunscreen...over it- and not look like a shiny grease ball!.

    3. Philosophy The Present- I cant live without this stuff if I am wearing makeup. I NEED it. I put ALOT of lotion on my face each morning because I have very dry skin and I put sunscreen over that. That doesnt work out well with makeup unless you want to have it sliding down your face..... After I put on my whole "routine"...I wait a few minutes and then put this on top. Let it "set" a minute or two and, I have a smooth, moisturized, MATTE surface....but still look nice and fresh..."dewy" you could say. And it doesnt break me out. Ever. LOVE.

    4. Cetaphil Cream- not the lotion...the the tub. Great stuff. Its the first thing I put on (under the eucerin lol) after washing my face. This stuff is SO gentle, you can go right to the eye area skin which on me is very sensitive....with no irritation at all... And its totally non greasy. And- the tub lasts for months.

    I cant live without
    Softy-Mo Super Cleansing Oil- I buy it at an Asian Pharmacy in China Town. Its the best thing for washing dry skin. It removes whatever needs to be removed without stripping the skin.

    oh and I guess it wouldnt be right not to mention an NP. Im really finding myself grabbing NYC Broadway....over and over again. It may appear mom-ish in the bottle, but imo....its totally not. Its goreous!. And with Orly Fifty-Four over it....its killer gorgeous. Oh and it dries so super quick...I think the SV I put on top actually SLOWS it down lol.



  46. Welcome back! I hope you're feeling better.

    Thanks for the suggestions, too. I've got painfully dry hands that crack and bleed in the winter, I'm always on the hunt for a good moisturizer.

  47. Hey Scrangie! Glad you're back! :)

    My favorite things (at this moment):
    * Remove+ (it's the best!)
    * Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap
    * Zoya Hot Lips in Luck
    * Extra virgin olive oil as a makeup remover (it really works!)

  48. Just wanted to say I was happy to see a little update from you! I've missed your blogging so much but would rather you take care of yourself!

  49. glad to see you back scrangie.
    I hope everything is going ok with you.

    Love your blog!

  50. I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!! ^______^

    Very creepy, no?
    Oh well, it's true.

    I hope you enjoyed your break!
    And I'm obsessed with all things Nexxus and China Glaze.
    For my skin, I just make my own body butter out of natural oils, butters, and extracts. It feels gewd, and because I have sensitive skin, it really puts me at ease knowing exactly what I'm using.

    Take care and be well!

  51. So glad you are back! I'm obsessed with your blog at the moment, your swatches are fantastic :) I hope you start feeling 100% soon.
    I've also started getting re-obsessed with OPI polishes.. at the moment I keep going over your OPI spain and OPI south beach collection swatches and drooling over which shades to get next..

  52. I love Aveda Rosemary and Mint shampoo. It unplugs the sinuses and makes your hair smell awesome. I can't live without Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter and Dramatically Different moisturizer on the face. I use Blistex or Rosebud salve on my lips everyday under lipstick and before bed . Both make your lips feel wonderful.
    I so glad to see you post. I too haven't bought polish since your last post. Great to see you back. Take care of yourself.

  53. I'm so happy you're back! ;)
    Right now I'm loving Dylan's Candy Bar Lip Savers and Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. DiorShow Mascara and Tretinoin (Retin-A, by Rx) are always good ! :)

  54. I'm so happy you're back! ;)
    Right now I'm loving Dylan's Candy Bar Lip Savers and Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. DiorShow Mascara and Tretinoin (Retin-A, by Rx) are always good ! :)
    Do you know when the OPI Shrek polishes are coming out?

  55. Welcome back, sort of? It's good to see a post from you, I've been wondering when you'd feel like posting again.
    Hmm, favorites right now.
    My Josie Maran Argan Stick - I have very dry elbows, and using this on them has been a miracle. It has a very light scent, which reminds me of Barielle's Intensive Nail Renewal Oil - I've been using that a lot lately as well.
    CND Air Dry - keep trying other top coats, keep going back to this. It doesn't get thick and require a thinner, it dries my polishes pretty quickly, and it's a good leveler. Plus, no shrinkage.
    Since I know you're a fellow BPAL obsessee, I'm on this Machu Picchu kick. It's my go to "I'm ready for spring" scent, super yummy and fresh.
    Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. Loved their e/s already, but this stuff, wow!
    And not a particular polish, but I'm on a huge jelly kick right now. I'm just loving that texture.

  56. Random things I love:

    Burt's Bees Honey lip balm
    CND Citicle Eraser
    QTICA nail Growth Stimulator
    Zoya Remove +
    Lavera Faces Skin Care products
    UD Shadow Primer Potion
    Blinc Mascara
    Avalon Organics Hand & Body Lotion
    My iPod
    Edward Cullen
    NYX Round Lipstick
    Colgate Total Toothpaste
    My new puppy, Bandit

  57. I jumped when I clicked on your site and noticed you were back! You are my favorite! Hope you are doing well:)


    I heart Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler. I seriously haven't broken a nail since I started using it as my everyday basecoat. (Before, I was lost in a dark place where I didn't use base or topcoat. I don't know how I lived during those times, but I know I broke a lot of nails.)

  59. Welcome back! Sent good energy your way during your respite. I always enjoy your posts. Stay well! AB in Brooklyn

  60. Umm.. do video games count? I'm adoring my PS3 and can't wait for Final Fantasy XIII! On a beauty note, loving Korres body lotions. Cures my dried skin instantly

  61. Glad to see an update from you & looking forward to those swatches when ya feel like posting them!

    Things I am currently obsessed with:
    Love & Beauty nail polish in Light Yellow & Pink.
    Purple cremes & jellies for my toes & any aqua or turquoise colors.
    SH Shea Butter Hand & Body Scrub along w/ the matching butter/cream. Been taking the hand cream EVERYWHERE in this cold weather.

    Yankee Candle Votives in Shea & Cedarwood from their aromatherapy line, Storm Watch and Sun&Sand tarts to remind me the sun will return. And Yankee's lip balms are amazing- I have them in my purse, backpack, car, & next to my bed :-)

    Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum has become my fave the last cpl weeks- my curls stay nice & springy/bouncy w/out frizzing. Joico Kerapack shampoo & conditioner alternated w/ Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo

    Purity Made Simple facial cleanser, Lush Butterball bath bombs, Soap & Glory Flake Away body scrub, Boots unscented body butter, Clean Provence rollorball fragrance, & at night my cheap thrill for face, hands, & feet that I found at Dollar Tree-Nadinola Shea Butter.

    I am obsessed w/ way too much right now I think. lol

  62. Oh man I'm so glad you posted an update. I was really worried about you because you're not just a pair of nails! I hope you start to feel back up to par soon because honestly I've missed my dose of Scrangie!

  63. Welcome back -- so glad you're feeling better!

  64. Clinique 3 step skin care.. it even smells good!

    MAC Dazzleglass in Euro Beat

    NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil - 609 French Fries

  65. So glad to see you're up and around... you're what got me and my girlfriend into blogging about nails in the first place. Your swatches are AMAZING! We're basically new on the nail block.

    Favorites? Plenty. Wen hair care system (yes, the corny TV infommercial is totally true); any of the MAC mineralize blushes (and the new duos came out today); and MAC Pinkarat Lip gloss (keep one everywhere cuz it goes with everything).

    Short but to the point.
    Be blessed.

    Nail Addicts Anonymous

  66. Happy to hear from you!

    I have a lot of allergies to things, but here are a few of my favs:

    Yes to Carrots lip balm is just fabulous. I like the regular one best.

    Lush's Snow Fairy solid perfume smells divine. Because of my allergies I don't often get to wear perfume, but I have no problems with this one.

    Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque leaves my skin feeling extra soft when it gets dry.

    Creme nail polishes: Right now I'm loving OPI's Jade is the New Black, Suzi Says Feng Shui and Dim Sum Plum, Orly's Grape Crush, and Essie's Chinchilly to name a few. But I just bought a few new China Glaze sparklies like Watermelon Rind and am in love, love, love.

    I am also curious whether Zoya Remove+ has acetone.

  67. My favorite nail polish of all time is OPI's Smitten With Mittens. Been trying to get more than just 1 backup as it's sold out everywhere (the back up bottle was picked up when I went back to the Philippines to visit my family).

    My favorite facial and body scrub is St. Ives. Some find it too harsh for the face but there's a lighter, less scrubby formula out too.

  68. Great to see you around! Been thinking of you every now and then. :)

    And on topic: Avon Nail Experts Length and Strength complex! Wow, that shit is amazing for dry, brittle nails! I got my first bottle from Monica/wixology, and within a few days I was hooked. And you can get lots of old packaging bottles from ebay, I recently bought 12 bottles for $14.99! O.o

    Apart from that... my trusty skin care regimen of Nuxe products. They rule. Crème Etincelante is the best thing that ever happened to my face.

  69. DIET COKE!!
    Avon Magix
    Fake Ugg flip flops...they have faux fur inside and are perfect for cold weather pedi's!!

  70. So good yo're getting back Scrangie!!

  71. Welcome back! I was so glad to see you posted again!
    At present I am a big fan of shea butter: I use it as body butter, hand/cuticles cream and even pre-shampoo hair mask.

  72. Hi, I am sure its a March thing, it felt here (West Yorkshire, UK) that on the 1st March the whole season switched from winter to spring, I even posted some spring flower photos on my blog and could feel warmth in the sun on my back as I took them, it does your soul good! With you on the Neutrogena handcream, its a godsend, current revelation is Max Factor Second Skin foundation (have always been a top end foundation addict til I tried this, I recommend it!) and grey cream nail varnish, am loving it!

  73. Glad to see you're back!
    My favorite items right now are Pure Anada's lip gloss & lipstick. They are so moisturizing, they're vegan, gluten free, and have no parabens or other icky stuff. And they come in such pretty shades! I have 2 lipsticks & 2 glosses, and would love to expand my collection. ;) Oh, and they just came out with a 4-pack of mini water-based nail polish - they look very interesting - I'll have to try those next. Here's their website:

  74. Glad to see you!

    I love the Fekkai Glossing Cream too (and a bunch of his other hair products). Procter & Gamble bought the company recently, and I have been afraid that they are going to make changes to the formulas. Fingers crossed that they are only changing the packaging!

    I'm loving blurple cremes like Sapphire in the Snow and I also bought Wild Wisteria, which is a virtual dupe, because I wasn't quick enough to get a back of SitS.

  75. My faves are (1) Kiehls Rare Earth cleanser & also the mask (2) Kiehls Acai Toning mist (3) Kiehls Argan Oil for hair and body (4) L'Occitane Shea moisturizer (5) L'Oreal Vive Pro shampoo/conditioner (6) Fresh Sugar lip gloss (7) Bvlgari Au Blanc (white tea) Perfume

  76. I was so happy to see you back that I forgot to post my favorites...CND cuticle eraser. Love it, and my cuticles notice if I skip. Gold Bond Healing lotion is wonderful for really dry hands and then at night I love Avon Planet Spa African Shea Cream on my finger tips. Haven't had any cracks since I started using this. Welcome back again!

  77. Completely seconded on Zoya Remove +!!! It is my holy grail of nail polish remover.

    Also my old stand by is vaseline intensive care lotion. It doesn't smell, its cheap, and it does the trick summer or winter. When I've got a really try or rough spot, sometimes I ever put a little dab of regular vaseline on top of lotion to help create a barrier to keep moisture in.

    I'm glad you're sort of back, we really miss you! I also thought this post was really interesting, I always like reading what other people use!

  78. Glad you're feeling better!

    My favorite items -
    Neutrogena Foot Cream. No matter what else I try, I always come back to it.

    St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Lotion. Helps keep away the dry itchies on my hands

    Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. Works miracles on my cuticles.

    Purity Made Simple cleanser. Takes ALL of my makeup off, even mascara and eye colors (stuck on with Urban Decay Primer Potion)

    Hope In A Jar moisturizer. Light and moisturizing, but not greasy on me.

  79. Er, I meant Orly's Charged up. I keep confusing it with China Glaze's Grape Pop...and somehow came up with an entirely new name, haha!

  80. Not nail related, but I'm damn near evangelical about MAC's Prep + Prime Face SPF 50. There are few products I'm completely faithful too and this is one of them. I've used it daily for almost 3 years now. It helps my makeup go on more smoothly, helps control my oilies and it's one of the few facial sunscreens that don't either sting or feel tacky on my face. I just wish it came in tubes larger than 1oz. I go through one every 7-8 weeks!

    Albolene makeup remover. My mom's been using this for longer than I've been alive and it's the best eye makeup remover I've ever tried. Yes it's greasy/goopy, but it doesn't break me out (and I have moderately oily skin) and it makes taking off even the most stubborn eyeliner and waterproof mascara a breeze. And it's dirt cheap. Love it.

    Oh and Sea Salt Caramels. Part of me wishes I'd never discovered how cheap and easy they are to make at home because now I want to make them constantly! I've managed to get everyone around me addicted to them as well. Soooooo yummy.

  81. If you could always post where can get them, that'd be great!

  82. Qtica balm - I love it and always will :)

    New hair jelly for my curls - a girl on a curl board started her own line and this stuff is HG material.

    Pacific Blood Orange body butter.

    See's lollipops ;)

    That would be it :)

    So glad to see you posting again.

  83. So glad you're back! I hope you had a nice break and I can't wait for new swatch pics. Yours are always the best!

  84. I always grab my Warm-o lotion by gena even though I have like 4 i need to try.

    For polish all I want to wear are red jellies and cremes going on a month now. It's starting to scare me. The specific one I can get enough of is Orly mandalay ruby.

  85. My favorite thing lately is probably my konad set. Every time I do my nails it just doesn't seem complete without some konad design.

  86. A million thanks for introducing me to Konad and thanks in general for renewing my nail obsession! And thanks to you I just bought some Zoya Remove+; agree it is worth every cent.
    Current faves are Avene Trixera because it totally cured my son's infant eczema and its good for my scaly patches too. Also, Moroccan Oil hair serum and Prada L'Eau Ambree. Omega3 3x/day may or may not help my mood -- but the gelatin in the capsules is awesome for my nails.

  87. My favorite item is my lunch bag and airline tickets! I lost 30 pounds since Christmas. Lunch was a problem. Eating out everyday, fast food, money spent and then going home and eating whatever was in the house. This is ramping up to a cruise; leaving Sunday.

    My gorgeous wife is getting her nails done today. I'm wondering how RBL Scrangie nail color will look with a little tan?

    Glad you are back, I was worried sick!


  88. Oh, I love best of recommendations....and I've got plenty. Here are some items/products I'd be miserable without:

    Oral-B Sonic Complete S-320 Sonic Toothbrush - Like the way your teeth feel when you leave the dentist? You can have that every day. Does a fabulous job of keeping your teeth/gums healthy. Tickles like the devil when you first start using it, but you adjust quickly.

    Related to the above, flossing regularly is a breeze with the Oral-B Humming Bird Flosser. Why this item is discontinued is beyond me. Makes flossing so much easier (and I can even floss right after a fresh mani!) You can still find this and the refills on Amazon and eBay. Worth tracking down.

    Between splurges on salon brands of shampoo and conditioner, I'm loving the John Frieda Root Awakening line of shampoos and conditioners. Tingles my scalp and leaves my hair and scalp feeling especially clean. Lovely fresh fragrance as well.

    I'm addicted to lip balms, and have a drawer full. But my must-have for chapped lips is the original Blistex cream in the white tube. Nothing heals my lips faster, and I can go back to wearing all my others quickly.

    Lastly, my all-time favorite body lotion ever is the Shea Moisture brand with Frankincense and Myrrh. Wonderful lotion and a pleasing scent. If they ever discontinue this, I'm screwed...

    This was fun...heh.

  89. Good to hear from you again. Fav items: Lush angels on bare skin, celestial moisturiser, godiva shampoo bar; Shalimar perfume; all my Coconut Hut lotions; pink polishes,none specific yet. Oh! and Opium perfume, Moschino, Coco and Cristalle.

  90. Prodcts I buy over and over again are Lush Lemony Flutter, Lush Cosmetic Worrior face mask, L'Occitane Aromachologie Soothing Shampoo. Other favourites I'm still looking for! I hope you've enjoyed your pause.

  91. I just LOVE the handscrub from rituals, don't remember the name.

  92. So nice to read from you.. hope you’re feeling better now! my favorite items at the moment:

    Clarins lisse minute make up base: makes me feel like I was twenty again, absolutely amazing smoothening effect!

    L’Occitane shea butter hand balm: I have the bad habit to wash my hands too often, but this cream saves my skin every time.. and - what’s most important - it dries quickly and doesn’t grease

    Herbal essence conditioner: having looong hair, I’m in love with herbal essence

    Dior Blue Lilac nail polish: I’m in a duochrome period, and it's one of my favorites.I even bought a second bottle because I’m running out of it!


  93. Nice to see you back.
    I'm addicted for the recent half of year to Panasonic heated eyelash curler and DiorShow Waterproof mascara in Black which is the only one I found out holding curls. For the rest of products - I saved my hands during this winter with L'Occitane hand cream with shea butter and BodyShop Hemp hand cream. And from @unnesessary pleasures@ I adore Dior eyeshadow Quint "Night Butterfly".

  94. I'm completely w/you on the Neutrogena Norweigan formula. I love tinted lip balms(mainly b/c i have dry lips)-Aromaleigh and Jenulence. Vincent Longo Lip Stain lipstick in Belle Etoile(I've worn this for YEARS). Revlon New Complexion Compact Makeup(also a devotee for years). Jouer lip gloss in Monsoon. Suave Advanced Therapy lotion(it smells so good). Bath and Body Works Gardenia spray(discontinued, you can probably find it on Ebay) I've worn for yrs..tho I usually get tired of it b/c it's a big bottle. Loreal Bijou Crystals nail enamel in B.Gutsy(also discontinued..all the good stuff usually is). BB Couture in Dark Knight is a new, unexpected favorite. Oh..and Loreal nail enamel in Hopeful Plum(it was limited edition). Oil Of Olay razors w/the moisturizing strip(not sure if you can by it by itself, it came in a kit) Sephora Very Sexy lip balm works well, it's pricey for a lip balm tho(in my opinion)..7 dollars. Most lip balms dry my lips out..even Carmex. Ruby Kisses eyeshadow in Pink Tweed(I use the dark plum-brown shade). I buy it @ a beauty supply store for 2 bucks..!

  95. Oh, and come back soon Scrangie, tho my wallet has been lighter too..ha. Hope things are getting better..

  96. I also forgot, Pink Oil(the only hair product I use). Revlon Brow Fantasy.

  97. I tried the Neutrogena hand cream just because you mentioned it (sorry, that probably reads a bit creepy) and its soooo nice. Its my new favorite thing right now actually. And Ive been a total hand cream whore so I know...

    And oh my god, aragan oil...the one from Sallys and so seriously amazing. It and Biotin (okay there anything thing I love) have been amazing for my hair which is curly and damaged from dying.

    I have to express love for the Sally Hansen Insta Dri topcoat, its the best / fastest / cheapest and I just quit cheating on it with other topcoats. Anddd China glaze Carnival Lights polish, its like the perfect glittery princessy pink (almost mauve).

    Oh and your pics off Poolside made me nutty with lemmings, hah.

  98. Right now, I am having TOTAL top coat love of Out the Door.

    It's just AMAZING and lasts for freakin' EVER!!!

    Oh, and those little tiny bottles of OPI polish that you can buy in a collection. They have full size brushes in them, but it's just enough polish to do your nails plenty of times!

  99. Buying online from overseas countries is so hard when you get little reference of color from the tiny pics on websites. Your blog is the most reliable source for us to choose which shades to order, for your pictures being so faithful to the original colors and your opinions and descriptions so accurate. Please keep on doing this, you have major fans here in Brazil! Best wishes!

  100. i currently really love koh nail polishes, sabon scrub in vanilla coco (dude that scent is sooooo tasty) and precision cuticle oil with kiwi scent keeps me hypnotized while working my cuticles haha

    ps you are the reason i started blogging :)

  101. Oh! I forgot to mention Mary Kay Body lotion - lasts all day, and my dry legs appreciate that! Also, they have the BEST sunscreen on the planet.

  102. Hi Scrangie!
    This would be my first comment, I'm afraid I have to admit I'm lurking your blog for a good while now. I love your swatches and the funny way you comment.

    My favourites:
    * Chanel-Line Repair serum:
    a revolutionairy serum that can be used from the age of 25 and seriously makes lines appear smaller. Finally a powerfull product for younger skins!

    *Kenzoki-sensual hands balm:
    very rich and soft, and most of all scented deliciously!

    *Teint de neige fragrance, the most sensual fragrance ever and very exclusive but not too expensive. I live in europe so I don't know if it is available in the US.

    *Dior- creme apricot cuticle balm:
    A luxurious butterlike salve to be slathered on dry cuticles. Smells great!

    *Bliss- glamour gloves:
    Pretty turquoise gloves with a jelly lining of benificial oils that you put your hands in for 20 minutes. You have never had such soft hands I promise you!

    *Sephora brand - Hand scrub:
    Sugar and oil based scrub to remove all dead cell build up.

    As you can tell I'm very much into skincare so if you ever have any questions concerning this please let me know.

    Btw I also have a nail blog, I invite you to check it out.

    Regni (the lacquerista)

  103. I'm in love with H2O Plus hand cream. Keeps hands soft but you can still turn a door knob!

  104. Scrangie - *hugs* my nail god I salute you!!

    There are so many things I seriously can't live without but at the moment...

    1. Vitamin E oil - I have oily skin and this stuff makes it less oily and less wrinkly!! Pat under eyes on the lips - every damn place. Good stuff.

    2. 100% Shea Butter. I got the pricey one from L'occitane but only recently found out they are sold at a fraction of a price from beauty supply stores. Doh. I had hideously dry elbows - annoint with that and the next day - BABY'S ASS!! No, seriously.

    3. Kate mascara base. What can I say - I'm Asian and my lashes are wimpy! If I don't use it my lashes look dead. Yukky.

    4. Clarifying shampoo. OMG I need to use this at least twice a week or the buildup in my hair makes it look all greasy. Wish I was kidding.

    5. Thermal protectant - I use De Lorenzo thermal mist (or something like that) I blow dry + use GHD. What can I say... I fry my hair. Can I also mention I can't live without GHD??

    Scrangie - I hope you are feeling better. I seriously love you dude and hope you are feeling happy, healthy and loving life!!



  105. So glad your back! Everyone needs a break to tend to their real life!

    Loves...Neutrogena The Wave Deep Cleaner and Deep Clean refill pads, seriously a great product and lives up to the hype!

    Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum - again amazing and super light.

    Lancome High Resolution Eye Refill cream, again light and really does work!

    Bliss Hot Salt Scrub so great not too harsh and not too greasy - leaves you soft and smooth and clean not slick!

  106. Just put an order in at (qtica?) for some of the new Zoya colors (Robyn and Dana). I found a coupon code that works "BF5" gets you an 8oz version of the Remove+ for free (I think with $10 purchase). Woo hoo!


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