Friday, July 4, 2014

Circle lens reviews and photos

I wear contact lenses daily to correct my vision, but plain contacts are boring.  Life's short.  I need to extract every last ounce of fun from it that I can.  And you know what's fun?  Purple eyes. So, sometimes I wear circle lenses in different colors instead of my regular clear contacts. May as well do a few quick reviews of some of the ones I've been wearing lately!

EOS Ice Violet
(before and after)

These are my current favorite lenses. They have a thin limbal ring and a wide center so they look much more natural and realistically iris-like compared to other colored contacts. They have a great enlarging effect without looking too alien, and the color is subtle but noticeably violet. They're also really comfortable and don't seem to get as dry as my usual (Acuvue Oasys) contacts.  I also have these in brown.  I purchased these from

Dolly+ Red

These are my second favorite pair. They have a very pronounced limbal ring and a bright, opaque red iris. The center is also nice and wide which helps to give them a more natural look as it doesn't remove as much of the depth of the eye. They're also nice and comfortable and give me no problems when I wear them.  I've gotten so many compliments on these!  I purchased this pair from as well.

Vassen Latte Pink

These are a mixture of different shades of brown and pink arranged in a swirl pattern.  They're super pretty, view the closeup for a better look! They enlarge the iris quite a bit and are noticeable but not bright. They're not as comfortable as some of my other lenses. They feel thicker than most I've worn and they dry out faster. I still really love them. I purchased these from

Vassen Cloud Nine Violet

I love purple and these are really purple.  This photo was taken with flash, but in natural sunlight they look lighter and more lavender, but still very obviously purple. They have a nice wide space around the pupil, which is what I prefer, but they're not at all natural looking.  The iris is opaque, the color is vibrant, the limbal ring is thick and patterned.  The EOS Ice Violet are more for subtle but believable violet eyes, and these are for super fun POW! violet eyes.  These, sadly, aren't very comfortable for me so I don't wear them very often.  I purchased these from Pinky Paradise as well.

EOS Pop C Dark Green

I wanted to try green contacts and these were on sale at Pinky Paradise.  Green eyes and purple hair sounded like a great combination to me. I like the color of these. They're a bright grass green surrounded by a very, very thick black limbal ring so that all the green is right around the pupil. I'm not really a fan of how defined the center ring is because it gives me that odd robot eye look.  I have a few pairs of EOS lenses that are very comfortable, but these aren't. 

Love Pink

These are just called Love Pink (purchased from so I'm not sure what the brand is.  I don't have the jars they came in anymore, either.  Anyway, these are really subtle but SO CUTE. Not much in the way of enlargement, though they do have a soft black limbal ring. The iris is clear, but it has three groups of three pink hearts around it. I mean, really. How much cuter can it get? They don't look like you're wearing colored contacts, it looks just like your natural eye until you look at them up close, then you see the hearts. They seem comfortable on my eyes, but I haven't worn them enough to really get a feel for them.

Zombie White Screen Halloween Lens

These were just for fun. I got them in my prescription (from honeycolor), but there's not really a point because I can barely see out of them anyway. There is still visibility, but since the pupil is covered in a white mesh, it's like a thick fog looking through them. I wish they were larger because they don't quiiiiiite cover all of my naturally dark brown iris and that becomes noticeable when I look from side to side. I think I should have gone with the full white screen for that sort of cloudy, ghostly look.  Oh well.  Next time!  They're comfortable aside from the blurred vision.

By the way, my eyeshadow is Bare Minerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow in Barely Nude, Bare Minerals Ready shadow in Fuze (also used on my brows), eyeliner is Maybelline gel liner, and lashes are Red Cherry 747L.

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  1. WOAH! These are trippy as. I really like the cute love heart ones :P

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Does your eye doctor check these to ensure they fit properly?

  3. I know your post is about circle lens, but I have to say: I looove your hair!!!

  4. I am in love with those first purple ones. I am yet to try circle lenses, but those are going straight to the top of my list. I can see why they're a favorite of yours, they look amazing on you (in you? in your eyeball? haha I don't know)

  5. What fun! I rarely wear my contacts anymore but can see the appeal of these for special events.

  6. Omg you have the most beautiful eyes. They look magazine fake they are so gorgeous. Love the contacts, always wanted to try them (esp red!!) But I have such terrible vision and an astigmatism so I never could :(

  7. I am dying over the EOS Ice Violet ones! I used to try to wear these violet contacts that my mom had in the mid 90s. I'd sneak the case into the bathroom when I was getting ready for school and mess with them forever, but I could never figure it out! I have been obsessing over all of the cool new contacts that I see MUAs using on IG, but wasn't sure what to get. I almost asked about the diameter of the Ice Violet ones, but I see that they only come in 14.8 (no option on size). I am glad you posted this, because I had been thinking that large of a diameter would look CRAZY! Like alien/kawaii wannabe - not my thing, and not cute for my 31-year-old ass. But they look great on you! Not weird or excessive at all! I love the effect it gives. I am thinking about trying some violet, aqua, and maybe a pink or bright green. Now I just have to figure out how to insert them properly! Haha! :) Thanks for the info, gorgeous! <3

  8. Every contact lenses looks so good on you! *_*
    So pretty♥


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