Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pinky Paradise Circle Lens and Lash Review and Photos

One more quick circle lens review! I'm kinda obsessed lenses and lashes lately. Shortly after my last review, Pinky Paradise sent me a couple styles to review, so take a peek below if you're curious, or just scroll past if you're not! Special Selection Value Pack #20 Lashes

The lashes I'm wearing are by, a brand I've never tried before. They're a long, spiky style (my favorite) interspersed with short cris-cross fibers. They're much softer and more flexible than most of the similar spiky lashes I've tried so they curl easily and don't come up as easily at the edges. I love them and I think they'll become a go-to purchase for me. You get 10 pairs for $19.99, extremely reasonable for such nice lashes.

Here's my natural eye color without lenses. Note the size and darkness of my natural iris.

Vassen Lollipop Pink

This style gives both enlargement and bright color.  The tricolor splatter pattern mimics the way a natural iris would look, which helps take the edge off of the stark pupil circle's unnatural effect. Still, these are more of a fun lens than a natural lens. They feel comfortable and sit properly on my eye.

Vassen Natural Sparkling Red

These are very large. They have a black limbal ring, followed by a dark grey spiky ring, and then a check-shaped red pattern on a clear center. These give huge enlargement and only a little bit of color. I think that these might even be a little too big since I can see a gap between the grey ring and my own iris when I look up. If the outer ring was just a little thicker, they'd be perfect. The clear center gives them a more natural effect.

Princess Pinky Eclipse Violet

These are PERFECT. The pupil area is nice and wide so they don't give me that dead eye look. The violet color is soft and subtle in natural light, but when the sun shines on them (or camera flash, in this case) they pop. The have a moonlit, sort of cloudy look closest to the black outer ring and I think that makes them look magical. I adore these. I love them so much that I'll probably pick up the rest of the colors!

EOS Dolly Eye Pink

These are wild. They're opaque and unnatural looking. There's a very thick limbal ring and the iris is a completely opaque baby pink. Not much enlargement. The pupil area is pretty small, so when I'm in a dark room I can see pink around the edges of my vision. The name, Dolly Eye, is exactly what they give you. They'd be great for costumes and cosplay since they're so cartoonish.

I've purchased from Pinky Paradise several times and always had a good experience. They ship fast and arrive quickly (they ship from Malaysia and still arrive quickly!) and everything has always been correct and well-packaged.

If you're planning on ordering anything, they've given me the promo code Scrangie for my readers to use for a free cute animal lens case and free mystery gift with every pair of lenses ordered.

(product sent for review. post contains an affiliate link.)


  1. I love pinkie paradise, my only problem with circle lenses is because my eyes are grey they can show too much iris by the pupil and look silly even from a distance :(. The sparkling red ones look amazing though (and your eyebrows are fantastic)

    1. Ooh if my eyes were grey I would never cover that up! Lucky

  2. I've never worn them, but if I ever did buy circle lenses they would be from Pinky Paradise. The Lollipop Pink and the Eclipse Violet ones are really cool!

  3. Looks like the Eclipse Violet are Princess Plinky brand instead of EOS ;o)

  4. If I did cosplay (sigh, maybe some day) I would have to get those light pink and deep red contacts! They're amazing!

  5. Stooooooop. I am so broke right now but I want all of the circle lenses. I just pretend they'll look dumb on me because my eyes are so light.

  6. That red one...omg I moaned out loud when I saw it haha

  7. love the top one! have you heard of vain pursuits? would love to hear a review :)

    1. The top one is my favorite as well! What's Vain Pursuits exactly? It's funny bc I think my friend mentioned it to me the other way as well. They do skincare right?

  8. hey, your natural eye color is nice, rest red one is more pretty than others n' your eyes are so pretty. these eye lashes are amazing

  9. Great review, thanks for sharing it here. You look stunning with circle lens

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    Enjoy and stay pretty
    : )


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